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1x metal shelf RIVO
5x shelf RIVO


The RIVO set is the ideal solution for stylishly presenting the little things of everyday life. With its minimalist, geometric design, the modern metal shelf fits seamlessly into any environment and can be installed both vertically and horizontally. It is extremely versatile and reveals its true potential through your individual design. The reduced-price set includes a RIVO metal shelf in your desired color and five shelves made of metal or wood.

Additional shelves, the mirror and the leather S-hooks are available separately in our shop. The accessories shown are also not included in the scope of delivery.

Product Details

Material: steel tube

Dimensions: Width: 92 cm, Depth: 11.3 cm, Height: 122 cm

Weight: 11kg

Load capacity: 50 kg

Coating: Fine-structured powder coating

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Color Pattern
Ablage RIVO X - Stahlblech in Schwarz ins Wandregal integriert | Metallbude

RIVO metal shelf for the wall – decorative and practical

The RIVO metal shelf is a high-quality and versatile piece of furniture with a minimalist design in the style of a window frame. It fits seamlessly into any room and gives it a modern atmosphere with its clean lines and elegant appearance. The shelf is made of powder-coated metal, which not only ensures an attractive look, but also ensures its robustness, longevity and resistance to wear and damage. It is designed to withstand daily demands and maintain its aesthetics even after long periods of use. The modern metal shelf RIVO for the wall is not only visually appealing, but also extremely functional. It offers enough space to store and display various items such as books, decorative items or plants. The open design allows for clear organization and easy access to the stored objects. The RIVO metal shelf is therefore a practical and stylish solution to enrich the space and improve functionality.

Expand your metal shelf individually

The RIVO metal shelf for the wall is one of the particularly modular metal furniture in our range. In addition to the bundle, you can use the accessories specially developed for this shelf to further design your high-quality metal shelf according to your living and room needs. In our shop you have the option of choosing shelves made of metal as well as those made of wood to achieve an exciting mix of materials. The RIVO wall shelf offers space for a total of up to twelve shelves. Another practical and aesthetic accessory is the clip-on mirror, which adds a special touch to the window frame-style metal shelf. Complemented by our leather S-hooks from the shop, you can also create hanging options that underline the versatile character of the modern metal furniture. The minimalist metal shelf RIVO for the wall is also available in the smaller version RIVO S (also as a bundle). This allows you to adjust the shelf to the size and needs of your room while still enjoying the unique style and flexibility of the metal shelf.

How can we help?


Can I also mount the modern metal wall shelf horizontally?

At Metallbude we value modular and flexible metal furniture. It is therefore possible to mount our minimalist metal wall shelf both vertically and horizontally on the wall and complement it with matching shelves. This opens up various design and decoration options for your metal wall shelf.

How much weight can the RIVO metal wall shelf hold?

It is important to distinguish between the different components of high-quality metal shelving: The frame itself can support a weight of up to 50 kilograms. The metal shelves are designed to hold up to 7.5 kilograms. We recommend observing the specified maximum weights when using the metal shelf.

How do I attach the metal shelf to my RIVO wall shelf?

The metal shelves were specially developed for the RIVO wall shelf. They are simply plugged into the metal frame using a plug-in system and additionally fixed with a small, invisible grub screw. This ensures a secure and stable attachment.

Is the metal wall shelf suitable for rooms with high humidity?

Both the wall shelf itself and the metal shelves are finished with a finely structured powder coating. This coating protects the material from moisture, moisture and rust. Therefore, the metal shelf and the coated shelves are also suitable for rooms with higher humidity.

How is the metal shelf assembled and attached to the wall?

The RIVO metal shelf is delivered as a fully welded individual part and only requires mounting on the wall. Your order comes with detailed assembly instructions that explain step by step how to attach your minimalist metal shelf and integrate the shelves into it.

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