Metallbude is not only a brand, but above all a team. What started with four founders and two employees has grown into a team of almost forty people in just two years. Or to put it in our own words: We're a pretty diverse bunch of pretty cool people.


CEO & Head of Marketing


Living proof that there can be something behind a big mouth (at least most of the time): Rudi is our expert in marketing and advertising and moves around the World Wide Web like no other.

CEO & Head of Product Management


Slightly dreamy and slightly lost, Dennis has turned his nature into a calling and is the creative source of ideas for new products and designs. It was also during this time that he provided the crucial spark for the company's founding.

CEO & Head of Administration


The youngest of the bosses who still has a chance to make the Forbes 30 Under 30: Tobi is not only good with numbers and finances, but also with soccer. In fact, he would have been a professional soccer player at Real Madrid if it weren't for his knee - you know it...

CEO & Head of Production


The quietest of the directors, Christian is responsible for the three big P's in our company: Production, Processing and Problems. He likes to relax either by working out or by camping.


Supply Chain Managers


If it's not classical music or an episode of Stromberg coming from his office, it's phone calls. Paul keeps quite a few of them, so he can get the best deals and materials, and make an announcement when necessary.

Sales Managers


Flo not only has the right song for every situation and mood, he also has the right words and the right offer for our B2B customers. When it comes to consultation and support, no one can fool him.

Shipping Manager


The warehouse and logistics manager, who likes to leave the shipping hall for a cup of coffee in the administration office, can also pack, glue and label packages in his sleep. That's why Ricky now lets other people do the work and keeps an eye on everything.

Production Manager


If the saying "There is strength in silence" had a face, it would be Artur's. Our production manager, a master of the poker face, is clearly a man of action and doesn't say many words - especially the word "no".


Social Media & Influencer Marketing


No trend passes her by: Micky - born Melissa - is our interface between the online and offline world. Equipped with a smartphone and snacks, this cheerful nature masters office life with two hands, sometimes with the left, sometimes with the right.

Content Creator


Bianca aka Bibi doesn't have it easy with two brothers and her husband as her boss. But she definitely has one thing ahead of them: her creativity and sense of aesthetics. That's why she's the one running our Instagram account.

Content Creator 


Our DIY queen and TikTok enthusiast Sabrina - better known as Bina - has got the hang of balancing work and motherhood. Between video editing and changing tables, she provides our social media channels with creative, moving images and entertaining content.

Photographer & Videographer


Globetrotter. Fashionista. City boy. Henry is the cosmopolitan in our team and brings those vibes to the production of his still and moving images. When he's not at his desk, he's behind the wheel of his classic Mercedes.




Our office manager exemplifies the M alliteration of his first name and our company name in his workplace: Maik bounces between meetings, emails and macchiato and sets the strategic direction for marketing and branding.

Graphic Designers


Her thoughts and ideas are at least as colorful as her workplace and her clothing, Caro has a feel for colors, shapes and typography. Coffee in hand and headphones on, she works her magic with Photoshop and Co.

Creative Copywriter & Editor


As articulate as Vanessa is, she doesn't have much to say about herself. So here are a few words from a non-copywriter: Nessi is not only our copywriter, but also a talented organizer, professional snack provider and the right hand of the bosses.

Product Developer 


He has finished designs in his head before they take shape and form: Tobi is our man for ideas, sketches and technical drawings - and, to the annoyance of some colleagues, the originator of regular dad jokes.




The Excel King moves in columns and rows and is at home in the world of numbers and data. Daniel aka 42 is not only a human calculator and encyclopedia on two legs, but also the self-proclaimed Feel Good Manager in the office.

Official in Charge


Every order and every cancellation crosses her desk. Moni prefers the former, especially since the latter only leads to increased chocolate consumption. Like the mother she is, she is the only one who takes care of the office plants.



Kimy takes care of not only the home office and the kids, but also the company's most important files and documents. On her weekly office day, she enjoys not only a good latte macchiato, but also the latest gossip.

Performance Marketing


In the office, Manon is the tough expert with analytical acumen and important insights, but in her private life, Manon is completely absorbed in her role as a devoted dog mom to two Frenchies. She shares the office-wide love of coffee and sarcasm, and is our secret weapon for SEO and the like.



When it comes to storage, packaging and shipping, nobody can beat them: Murat. Paul. Rudolph. Enrico. Philip. Dominique. Edward. Dominik. Lilly.


The sparks fly, the shavings fall and our products are created: Artur. Victor. Thomas. Peter. David. Enrico. Marcel. Jens. Nathanael.