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Devana X - Couchtisch mit Platte aus weiß | Metallbude

Bright and friendly please – living room tables in white from Metallbude

There's nothing better than relaxing on the couch in the evening after a long day? But what would a couch be without a white living room table? Where would you put your snacks or the remote control? Where would you play a card game with friends? And where can you just have a good glass of wine with your loved ones? A white living room table is the perfect answer to all of these questions. At Metallbude you can find out what other advantages this piece of furniture offers you, what different versions are available and how you can integrate your dream coffee table into any style!

That's why white living room tables belong in your home

White living room tables can be integrated into your furnishings and style in many ways, because the color white gives you a lot of design freedom. White living room tables can be used as coffee tables or side tables. They are neutral and always leave enough space for other furniture in the living room. That's why they can be easily combined with other pieces of furniture as well as table lamps, vases or similar decorative items. Bright colors as wellFacilities in black and whitecan be combined very well with white living room tables, such as the VESINA X coffee table from Metallbude.


White living room tables in different materials, shapes and designs

A white living room table can have many faces. Choose between rectangular, square, oval orround living room tables. Organic or abstract shapes are also being seen more and more often. Straight-line shapes appear tidier and are helpful if the living room table is used for eating and playing, for example, as this ensures easy accessibility. Round shapes look more comfortable and are more child-friendly thanks to the lack of edges. Some living room tables are height-adjustable or have wheels under their feet, which makes them more flexible and versatile.

The size depends on your given space and where you put the living room table. Do you want to use it as a coffee table centrally in front of the couch or would you rather use onewhite side tableFor smaller items, it's best to place it next to the sofa. If you need more space to store things, choose a living room table with drawers or compartments. You have a free choice of materials and a lot of options. The most popular are white living room tables made of metal, wood or stone, as well as a combination of several materials. Living room tables made of wood radiate warmth, but depending on how they are made they are also sensitive to moisture and scratches. Metal has a wide variety of facets and exudes a very elegant and minimalist look. It is also very easy to care for. Stone slabs are high quality, but very heavy. In addition, the risk of injury is higher with sharp edges.

This is how you integrate your white living room table into different styles

Which living room table fits into your home depends primarily on the furnishing style:

  • Industrial style:For an industrial look, choose materials such as leather, metal and wood. The latter two can be combined very well in a living room table, for example in the VESINA model. Since the style is rather darker, we recommend a model in black.
  • minimalist style:If you have a more minimalist interior, you should pay attention to clear lines. The TRE SEMNIA X table set from Metallbude, for example, has a modern look. A simple vase, et voilà, your minimalist couch arrangement is ready.
  • Country house style:Combine your white coffee table with wood. This brings a warm and cozy look to your living room. Linen blankets and a beige sofa complete the style.
  • Scandi look:Choose a living room table in white, with clear lines that is not too ornate. Also abeige coffee tablefits perfectly into this style. We recommend the LIVIA coffee table from Metallbude.
  • Tip: If you want to create a break in style, choose a living room table that contrasts with the rest of the living area. For example, choose a white metal living room table as an eye-catcher in a black and white interior, as a contrast to dark walls and furniture.

Buy white metal living room tables at Metallbude

White metal living room tables look fresh and friendly. This means they can be used perfectly in almost any living room. Choose a minimalist, white living room table from Metallbude and benefit from further advantages:

  • The modern and minimalist furniture from Metallbude harmonizes with various interior design styles.
  • Would you like to order a custom-made product from Metallbude? These are Made in Germany and handmade.

Buy your white living room table from Metallbude now!