Black Living Room Table

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Upgrade for your feel-good place: living room table in black

After the sofa, the coffee table is the most important piece of furniture in the entire living room. A living room table in black doesn't just score points with practical features such as shelf space or storage space. The high-quality and elegant color black is neutral and gives you a lot of leeway when it comes to decorating yourSide tablegoes. Angular orLiving room tablesare also a good choice and give you a lot of design freedom in your home. AtMetal shackyou get high-quality living room tables in different colors and shapes. We'll tell you why you should choose a black living room table, which versions you can choose from and how to showcase it correctly.

This is what makes a black living room table

Your black living room table can be made of different materials such as glass or stone. However, these materials are delicate and therefore more suitable for looking at than for everyday use. Although plastic tables are more dirt-resistant and robust, they often look less elegant. Wooden living room tables are robust and natural. They work best in combination with metal and look particularly stylishIndustrial style living roomsvery good. The black all-metal version is also an extremely robust, elegant and dirt-resistant alternative because it can be cleaned very easily with a wet cloth. Plus, these all-black look side tables go great with oneBlack and white interior.

That's why you need a black living room table

Apart from the fact that a living room table is a central element in the living room, there are many other reasons for a black coffee table. Black living room tables…

  • ... harmonize perfectly with many furnishing styles, whether minimalist, rustic or excitingly colorful, you always make the right choice.
  • ... can be combined with many materials. Warm wood, cold stone or flowing fabrics, the rest of the furnishings can be flexibly varied and redesigned as desired.
  • ... are flexible when it comes to decoration. No matter whether you decorate seasonally or simply according to your mood, black side tables offer almost endless possibilities.
  • ... also allow for more daring designs or shapes, as the “non-color” appears simple and elegant.

What types of black living room tables are there?

The type of living room table depends on many factors. The most important thing is that you like your black living room table. Choose one according to your tasteround black coffee tableor a square one. Oval or completely abstract shapes can also be chosen and make the table an eye-catcher. Black side tables should have clear lines, especially if you are decorating your living room in a minimalist style. When it comes to the height of the tables, deeper coffee tables that do not protrude beyond the seat of the sofa are currently popular. The following applies: If you have a small living room, you should choose a smaller table. To create a harmonious image, a square or rectangular table should be chosen for a corner couch, the length of which corresponds to the longest side of the sofa.

Put black living room tables in the spotlight

Your living room should be a feel-good zone. You can achieve this by showcasing your favorite pieces of furniture. A black living room table offers just the right basis for this. Loving home accessories such as candles, wooden plates, vases with flowers, coasters, books or magazines perfectly complement a black side table. Contrast with white or other light colors. But be careful: sometimes less is more, especially in minimalist furnishings, a black living room table usually contrasts with other light furniture such as a carpet or the couch. Create a relaxed atmosphere in an urban interior style. A black coffee table in combination with wood is suitable for this, such as the VESINA model from Metallbude. If you prefer a softer interior style, the Scandi look with natural materials and fabrics may be right for you. Set an exciting accent with a black coffee table, like the LIVIA coffee table from Metallbude. ACoffee table in beigeon the other hand, sets even softer accents.

Buy your black living room table at Metallbude

A couch without a table is only half as comfortable because things like the remote control, snacks or drinks have to be stored somewhere within easy reach. But in addition to functionality, modern black living room tables also score points with a storage area for your personal or decorative favorite pieces. Make a statement with a minimalist and elegant coffee table or side table and get additional benefits when you order from Metallbude:

  • Custom-made products from Metallbude are Made in Germany and handmade.
  • The modern and minimalist furniture from Metallbude fits harmoniously into different interior styles.

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