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Mirror, mirror… – fairytale white wall mirrors from Metallbude

It should be functional and beautiful – the white metal wall mirror. In addition to the practical aspect, this also has real decorative potential. As an independent design element, the white metal wall mirror shines in practically every room and harmonizes with many pieces of furniture. You can now find out why you need a white metal wall mirror, how you can combine it in different rooms and how numerous the selection isMetal shack!

Advantages of white metal wall mirrors

Metal wall mirrors in white are very popular and there are reasons for this:

  • They make the room appear larger and brighter by reflecting the light. In addition, the color white absorbs little light and appears bright and friendly.
  • In addition to functionality, white metal wall mirrors shine with an elegant look and great decorative potential.
  • Whether it's a living room, bathroom or bedroom - they can be used in any room and integrated into many styles.
  • Thanks to the light color, the mirror can be used as an eye-catcher on dark backgrounds or blends in discreetly on white walls.
  • Colorful colors can also be combined with white metal wall mirrors and put them in the limelight.

White metal wall mirrors are available in numerous designs

A white wall mirror can have many faces. Fromlarge wall mirrorsYou will find various versions of smaller models in our range. Decide whether your wall mirror should have a square, round, oval or an abstract shape. Here you will find mirrors with shelves, such as the CALEO model. It only has a very thin metal frame and therefore appears even more minimalist. Also note models with thicker frames and made of different materials. In contrast to metal, wood appears more rustic, but also requires intensive and regular care. Metal is puristic and modern. It is also easier to care for than wood and is not as susceptible to scratches. It is usually enough to clean the mirror with a wet cloth and, if necessary, with glass cleaner. Since high-quality mirrors have a certain weight, make sure that the holder is stable or that the mirror is attached using dowels. Smaller mirrors can also be glued.


Can be integrated into any style: white wall mirrors

If you choose a mirror, you should make sure that the color and material match your interior style:

  • Scandi style:Are you inScandi stylefurnished, you should pay attention to naturalness. The color white fits very well. Go for round or oval shapes. Feel free to combine your mirror with onewhite wall shelfmade of metal, for example in the RIVO model from Metallbude. Choose matching wooden shelves to add a cozy and warm touch.
  • Country house style:White wall mirrors also fit into the romantic and traditional country house style. It's best to use a wooden frame, as it looks warmer. In combination with other wood tones, it looks harmonious and rustic
  • minimalist furnishings:A white metal wall mirror in square shapes looks modern and minimalist. Try to keep the frame simple and as thin as possible so that the mirror can shine with its reflective surface.
  • Vintage look:Regardless of whether it's shabby chic, vintage or retro style, you should go for a more solid mirror with decorations on the frame or even the mirror itself. These can be, for example, visible signs of wear in the form of yellowing, scratches and chipped paint as well as ornate designs, reliefs and ornaments.

White metal wall mirrors for every room

White mirrors definitely create a homely atmosphere. But how do you use them correctly in different rooms?

  • Bathroom:Whether in combination with the washbasin or as a standalone element, a white wall mirror is an absolute must for your bathroom. It's best to use a mirror with a shelf so you can put your cosmetics or hygiene products. The mirror stands out particularly well against dark tiles.
  • Bedroom:A large wall mirror is necessary in the bedroom because this is where you can check your outfit and look at yourself from head to toe. Whether round or square is up to your taste. The mirror also brightens the room visually and makes it appear larger.
  • Living room/dining room/kitchen:Here the mirror is often used as a decorative object. This way you avoid bare walls and at the same time bring more space into the room. For example, match the mirror to the material of the chairs, table or other decoration.
  • Corridor:Again, you check your outfit before you leave the house, so the wall mirror should be big enough for this. It fits perfectly over a comfortable bench or over a shoe rack. You can also use the effect that a mirror visually enlarges the usually small hallway.

Buy white metal wall mirrors at Metallbude

With a white metal wall mirror you can bring clean elegance into your home. Choose the high quality, durability and stability of Metallbude and benefit from further advantages:

  • modern and minimalist furniture that harmonizes with different interior styles,
  • Custom-made products from Metallbude are Made in Germany and handmade,

Buy your white metal wall mirror from Metallbude now!