White Towel Rail

White towel rails – timeless design with high functionality

Furnishing the bathroom stylishly and functionally at the same time is not that easy, as space in the bathroom is usually limited. Our white towel rails meet both requirements and enrich the bathroom in every way. The clean, white color blends harmoniously everywhere and allows numerous combinations. Nevertheless, functionality is not neglected. On the contrary, our white towel holders ensure that you can easily reach your towel at all times without excessive water dripping onto the floor.

The right white towel holder for every room

White is one of the most popular colors in the bathroom. No wonder, after all, it looks particularly clean and inviting. In often small bathrooms, light colors visually enlarge the space. A white towel holder fits in perfectly and still allows a lot of design freedom. So that the white oneTowel rack in the bathroomTo suit the special features of every room, it is available in a range of versions:

  • Freestanding as a towel stand
  • As towel rails for mounting on the wall
  • With pivoting arms
  • One or two arm
  • In the form of hooks or rings
  • As a towel ladder leaning against the wall

Usually at least two towel racks are needed in the bathroom. Once for the smaller towels next to the sink. And additional ones next to the bath or shower for larger shower towels.

A white towel rail should fulfill these functions

Modern towel racks in the bathroom are not only beautiful to look at, they also serve a purpose. The main thing is to have the towel ready to hand as quickly as possible. This can prevent water from dripping onto the floor and creating slippery floors. Regardless of whether it is a white or black towel rail, the proximity to the shower or sink is crucial.

But the functionality of a towel holder does not end there. In addition, modern towel racks allow wet towels to be dried. In the best case scenario, a wet towel hangs freely and dries in the air. If, on the other hand, it lies against the wall, this can make the drying process more difficult or even encourage mold to form.

White towel rails from Metallbude

AtMetal shackYou can find white towel rails in a variety of sizes, shapes and designs. We attach great importance to a minimalist design. This has the advantage that it is particularly easy to combine and always looks stylish. If our white towel rails seem too clean for you and you want aIndustrial style bathroomIf you want to set it up, choose the black version.

The following applies to all of our towel holders: They are made of robust, rust-proof metal and are therefore ideal for use in the bathroom.

Fixed or mobile – white towel rails for every bathroom

Whether you want to mount your white towel holder permanently on the wall or prefer a mobile towel stand is your decision. Our white wall mounted towel rails take up minimal space and can be mounted both horizontally and vertically. Mounted vertically, they are perfect for storing several towels in a space-saving manner.

By the way: We also have towel racks that can be placed above the ceiling of your bathtub. Such an installation not only looks spectacular, it is also extremely practical, after all, you can grab the bath towel directly when getting up from the bath.

Metal booth – white towel racks and so much more

Modern, minimalist designs are our passion. In addition to our white towel rails, you will find a large selection of other furniture and accessories. Since we manufacture the majority of our products ourselves, we can respond to many individual requests. Explore our range, contact us or order directly online. We look forward to your request.