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Minimalistischer Wandspiegel aus schwarzem Metall | Metallbude

Black metal wall shelves - stylish decorative element and useful storage option at the same time

Black metal wall shelves are real furnishing all-rounders because they can be used as eye-catchers or leave the stage to other objects, such as decorations or books.Black metal shelvesappear timeless, delicate and robust at the same time. But why exactly a black wall shelf and what should you consider when buying it? How you integrate the stylish space wonders into your furnishings and what advantages you getMetal shackyou can find out here.

Why a black metal wall shelf?

Black wall shelves are more popular than ever and there are many reasons for this. First of all, they can be used very flexibly, whether in the living room, kitchen or hallway, black wall shelves shine in almost every room. They make perfect use of the space on an empty wall both vertically and horizontally. The combination of several wall shelves that are offset on the wall is also very popular. But even if there is less wall space, wall shelves can be real space savers.

They fit naturally and elegantly into the interior. These many design options make them very popular. They offer a great place to store decorations, books or picture frames. However, they still leave enough space for other pieces of furniture that can be placed under the shelf, such as upholstered furniture or a desk. A black metal wall shelf can also be combined with almost all colors and styles, making them real all-rounders in the interior.

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Which interior design styles do black wall shelves go particularly well with?

Whether in the kitchen as a spice rack, in the living room as a decorative element, in the office as a bookcase or in the living room as part of the wall unit, due to the versatility of wall shelves, they will find a suitable place in every room. The color black can be integrated into many styles and combined with many other colors. Here some examples:

  • Industrial style:TheIndustrial style living roomSetting up means, above all, relying on dark tones and playing with rough shapes. A black metal wall shelf looks particularly good here. In combination with wood, your apartment gets a loft touch. I also like to use large upholstered furniture, for example made of leather.
  • Japandi style:At theJapandi styleit's about light colors, such as beige or light green and natural materials such as lighter wood. An open, black wall shelf creates the perfect contrast.
  • Minimalism: If you want to furnish your apartment in a minimalist way, go for open, round or square wall shelves in black. Combine them with sculptures, candles and decorations in geometric shapes and simple colors such as beige or a matching oneBlack metal coffee table.

Buying a wall shelf in black – this is what you should pay attention to

In addition to the furnishing style, you should also take other factors into account when buying a black wall shelf:

  • Shape: Round or square? This is a matter of taste and a question of space. We recommend a round metal shelf for decoration, it looks stylish and individual, but also takes up more space. If books or something similar are to be placed, we recommend square shapes.
  • Care: You can easily remove dust using a dry cloth. If there are stains on the shelf, with sealed metal shelves it is sufficient to wipe it with a damp microfiber cloth or a mild cleaner.
  • Width and height: On the one hand, it depends on the available space and, on the other hand, what should be placed on the shelf. Here you should carefully measure beforehand how much space you have and what you have in mind.

Purpose: Depending on where the shelf is hung, it has different functions. When purchasing, make sure that your shelf fulfills the purpose for which you are buying it. Pay attention to the maximum permissible weight so that you don't put too much strain on your shelves.

Buy black wall shelves at Metallbude

A black metal wall shelf refines any room and is very easy to combine. It harmonizes with many furnishing styles and sets accents. Be inspired by our numerous models and benefit from our advantages in the shop:

✔️In addition to furniture that is made entirely of metal, there is furniture made of metal in combination with solid wood.

✔️Our furniture has a modern and minimalist design.

✔️We guarantee high-quality workmanship

✔️Depending on the product, individual dimensions can also be specified or colors can be selected. Contact us and let us know your special request.


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