Wall Shelf for the Kitchen

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Metal shelf for the kitchen

Whether spices, decorations or even large electrical appliances, wall shelves in the kitchen are a must to either store these items carefully or display them stylishly. You can find out why wall shelves are a good choice in the kitchen, what you should pay attention to, which kitchen shelves are available and how to combine them correctlyMetal shack.

That's why a wall shelf is essential in your kitchen

Meals are prepared and eaten in the kitchen. In order to equip them with high quality in terms of functionality but also in design, a wall shelf is the right piece of furniture because:

  • Wall shelves offer plenty of space without taking up too much of the room and create a homely atmosphere.
  • Wall shelves are available in numerous colors, shapes and materials, so you will find the wall shelf that fits stylistically into your kitchen.
  • Wall shelves are efficient because they can be installed in places that would be too small for kitchen cabinets, making full use of the space in the kitchen.
  • Things stored on wall shelves are always within reach.
  • Wall shelves are diverse. From spice racks to decorative shelvesWine racks for the walleverything is possible.

High quality shelves for the kitchen

Before you decide on a kitchen shelf, you should think about what you want to have space on your shelf and what items will be placed on it. Caution: Don't place too many or too heavy things on your wall shelf so as not to put too much strain on it. Of course, you should also take into account the space available in your kitchen. For high stability, you should use suitable screws and dowels during assembly. A spirit level will help you mount the shelf straight on the wall. Make sure that you do not mount your wall shelf too close to hot devices, such as the stove. The specified load capacity of the wall shelf must not be exceeded. Think beforehand whether you only want to store light spices or heavy electrical appliances and plates on the shelf. Since your wall shelf will be in contact with food, it should be easy to clean. Wall shelves made of black metal, for example, are suitable for this because the material is easy to clean. Grease splashes and water drops cannot harm it.

These types of wall shelves make sense in your kitchen

Wall shelves are available in different designs and serve different purposes. Depending on space and needs, different types of wall shelves can be used in the kitchen:

  • Spice racks:Use a smaller shelf that doesn't necessarily have to have a high load capacity. When it comes to spice racks, the focus is on functionality. There is often a device installed on the shelf that holds the spices.
  • Hanging shelves and standing shelves:Admittedly, hanging and standing shelves are not directly wall shelves, but they can still be attached to the wall. Hanging shelves often have hooks on which pot holders or cups can be hung. Freestanding shelves often offer plenty of space, but take up additional floor space.
  • Open wall shelves:Keyword: decoration! Everything that is placed on the shelf is also seen. Decorative elements such as beautiful glasses, cups and plates or even plants and books are the right choice.
  • Corner shelves:Corner shelves are real space savers in the kitchen and are particularly useful when space is limited. They fill small niches and create additional storage space.
  • Wine racks:Decorative and chic! Shelves on which you store wine, such as the VINIA wine rack from Metallbude, can become real eye-catchers.

Metal spice rack

Different furnishing styles require different wall shelves. You can now find out how you can optimally integrate your wall shelf for the kitchen into your furnishing style:

  • Industrial style:Darker tones are more popular in the industrial style. The RIVO metal shelf or the NIVO wall shelf from Metallbude in black are perfect for the industrial style. Combine furniture made of wood and dark metal, for exampleBar stools in industrial styleand complete the look.
  • Modern:Modern kitchens also need kitchen shelves made of metal or glass because they emphasize thisminimalist livingand set restrained yet modern accents. In terms of color, you should choose between white or black.
  • Scandi style:Wall shelves made of metal or wood complement the Scandi style perfectly. Simple colors and designs are required. White and cream tones fit perfectly.

Buy wall shelves for the kitchen at Metallbude

Many factors play a role when choosing the right wall shelf for your kitchen. The functionality, design and price are aspects that you take into account. At Metallbude you benefit from many advantages:

  • Furniture in minimalist and modern design is our specialty. Find other matching pieces of furniture on our site.
  • Metallbude products are manufactured to a high quality and handmade.
  • Custom-made products with desired dimensions are possible depending on the product (please contact us about this).

Buy your wall shelf for the kitchen at Metallbude!