Black Wall Board

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Wall shelf in black offers countless possibilities

Black shelves and black wall shelves are timeless and absolute classics among pieces of furniture. They are often one of the most popular pieces of furniture and, thanks to their simple color, are versatile and can be used in any room. They appear purist and modern, give the room structure and loosen it up without losing its elegance. A black wall shelf on a white wall creates a classic and clean look and decorated with colorful accessories you bring color into the room.

Metal wall shelf

Black wall boards have many advantages. On the one hand, they are flexible and changeable and can be used in any room. Thanks to their classic color, they can be easily combined with other furniture. On the other hand, they are particularly practical because they offer a space-saving alternative. Because you don't need any floor space for such a wall shelf, you can use space that would otherwise remain unused. They create additional storage space, especially above the door or in small corners. A black wall shelf fits many interior design styles. Made of wood, it has a rustic charm and goes well with the country house style. A puristic wall shelf made of metal is modern and fits the industrial andLoft style.

Order or eye-catcher: open or closed wall shelves in black

You can display and stage books, collectibles and decorative items in open wall shelves. Closed shelves create a tidy impression because things are stored out of sight here. The wall shelf fromMetal shackis a combination of both. Here you can place decorative pieces in the open parts and less attractive objects disappear behind the wooden inserts, which also give the wall shelf a floating lightness.


A wall shelf in black creates storage space in all rooms

No matter whether in the study, in the living room, in the bathroom or in other rooms, a black wall shelf creates storage space everywhere and refines the room. It is particularly versatile, so it can be used in all rooms:

  • Black wall shelf in the living room

An open wall shelf is suitable in the living room, which you can use as a bookshelf or where you can display photos, decorative objects and memorabilia. Together with oneCoffee table in blackor above onemodern sideboardWhen hung up, you create a great modern interior.

  • Black wall shelf in the bathroom

In the bathroom, you can use a wall shelf, which consists of just one board, as a shelf under the mirror. This means you can quickly create a great option for a soap dispenser or soap dish. Larger wall shelves can also accommodate makeup, perfume and other cosmetic items. Combined with white or colorful towels, you can highlight the shelf or give your bathroom a modern look with textiles in anthracite or black.

  • Black wall shelf in the study

In the study, a closed wall shelf is more suitable, for example a hanging console with drawers in which documents can be stored.

  • Black wall shelf in the children's room

In the children's room, a black wall shelf can be used for toys and painting supplies and spiced up with colorful stickers or wall decorations.

  • Black wall shelf in the kitchen

In the kitchen, a black wall shelf offers space for herbs, beautiful storage jars with pasta and rice or can be used as a wine rack. If your kitchen cupboards don't offer enough space for all your dishes, a wall shelf creates space for plates, cups, etc.

  • Black wall shelf in the hallway

In the hallway you can use a wall shelfblack shoe rackl in which your shoe collection finds a neat place, or integrate it into your wardrobe and store accessories such as hats and scarves here.

Metal meets wood: modern metal furniture from Metallbude

In addition to modern wall shelves, you can find them at Metallbudewhite hanging consolesand other furniture for a modern and minimalist interior. The handmade products are manufactured to a high quality. Depending on the product, you can specify individual dimensions or choose the color white. Custom-made products are produced in Germany and all products over 150 EUR are delivered free of charge in Germany.

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