Metal Wall Shelf

Metal wall shelves: minimalist, practical and decorative

A metal wall shelf is very practical and offers numerous uses. It is functional and creates space for storing items, but can also be used for decorative purposes. This is how you can do it inLiving room for wall designuse and photos, decorative objects, a small lamp or plants look particularly good on such a shelf.

Metal wall shelves are the perfect solution for tight spaces

Metal wall shelves are small and space-saving, but offer additional storage space. Because they can be wall mounted, they are ideal for corners where a regular shelf won't fit. They also save a lot of space, especially in height, so they can also be installed in small areas. This means you can flexibly attach your wall shelves wherever you need them.

Metal wall shelves look good in any living space

Wall shelves are space-saving and functional and can be used in any room. This is how you can use a metal wall shelf:

  • Hallway: A wall shelf in the hallway offers an excellent place for everything you want to have quickly at hand. There is a place for your keys in a small bowl on the shelf, next to which you can put your cell phone when you come in. With a candle or a pretty vase, the shelf is a great decoration that will make your entrance area more cozy.
  • Bedroom:In the bedroom, a wall shelf is a practical shelf above or next to the bed. Here you can put your book after reading and have it ready to hand again the next evening. You can also put photos of your loved ones here so that they are always close to you. If there is not enough space for a bedside table, a wall shelf can replace it. It is also suitable as a shelf for jewelry or accessories.
  • Living room:A wall shelf can be inLiving room as a wall shelfcan be used and offers additional storage space above a chest of drawers, a sideboard or the sofa. You can use a wall shelf as a bookshelf or decorate it with decorative objects and create a cozy atmosphere.
  • Bathroom:In the bathroom, a wall shelf serves as a shelf under the mirror. Here you can store cosmetics, toothbrushes, etc. It is also suitable as a shelf for fresh towels. In the bathroom, the space above the toilet is often wasted. One or more wall shelves in the bathroom offer a great opportunity to use this space, as it is usually too small for a shelf. You can also use the space above the door with a wall shelf. Wall shelves are particularly practical for small bathrooms where you want to create a lot of storage space.
  • Kitchen:Wall shelves offer asWall shelf in the kitchena great place for fresh herbs or can be used as a spice rack. Wine bottles can be displayed there, as can large glasses of pasta or rice or your cookbooks.

More storage space and less chaos thanks to the matching wall shelf

Wall shelves are available in different designs. There are simple wall shelves that only consist of a single board. Useful things as well as decorative items can be found here. Wall shelves with storage compartments create additional space and you can display photos, small vases and candles in the individual compartments or use the compartments as storage space for small items. Wall shelves with drawers not only create a lot of storage space, they are also particularly practical because you can make things disappear here. With a wall shelf you can not only create additional storage space, but also ensure extra order.

The right wall shelf for every furnishing style

The interior of your apartment determines exactly what the right wall shelf looks like. A wall shelf made of black metal looks out of place in an apartment where the country house style dominates. A white wall shelf with ornate elements or floral motifs fits better here, while the black shelf goes well with the industrial style or Japandi. Discreet wall shelves without any frills fit into a minimalist and modern interior. You can find the right wall shelf for every furnishing style.

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In addition

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