Black Toilet Paper Holder

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A toilet paper holder in black

Sometimes it's the small objects in a room that provide that certain something extra, a small eye-catcher or a particularly harmonious overall picture. The black toilet paper holder fromMetal shackfulfills this task in the bathroom and is very practical at the same time. Thanks to a variety of different models, the toilet paper holder in black fits into various bathrooms or guest toilets and rounds off the interior perfectly.

The benefits of a black toilet paper holder from Metallbude

At Metallbude we value attractive designs and high functionality. Our black toilet paper holders impress with their reduced but stylish look and can be easily combined. At the same time, they fulfill their purpose at all times and can therefore be used for many years. The main task of a toilet paper holder is not only to have toilet paper readily available at all times, but also to protect it from moisture.

A high-quality toilet paper holder should also be made of robust, moisture-resistant material. For this reason, most reel seats are made of metal, stainless steel or chrome. Black metal has the advantage that it suits almost every interior style. It is also particularly easy to maintain. Fingerprints are hardly visible and the bathroom always looks well maintained.

The different variants of the black toilet paper holder

There is now a large selection of black toilet paper holders. A few years ago it was common for toilet paper holders to have a lid. This should protect the toilet paper from moisture. Today most models are designed without this lid. This has the advantage that the role can be changed more quickly. New models are with a practical shelf for smartphones etc. above the roll.

Modern toilet paper holders can be divided into three groups:

  • For assembly
  • Standing
  • As a combination product with a toilet brush

A black wall-mounted toilet paper holder is particularly practical because nothing has to be put aside when cleaning the floor. However, in rented apartments you are not always allowed to drill into the tiles. In this case, a standing model is the best alternative. Combination products usually consist of a holder and a toilet brush. This means everything is right at hand when needed.

Which option is best depends on personal taste, the size of the bathroom and other bathroom accessories.

Possible combinations for your black toilet paper holder from Metallbude

Our bathroom furniture is simple and minimalist in design. This means you can enjoy a lot of freedom when combining. No matter whether you decorate your bathroom playfully with towels in different colors or prefer it to be completely minimalist, a black toilet paper holder is always the right choice. Due to the black metal, our bathroom accessories go particularly well with the modern industrial style. For a harmonious look, combine the holder with other black bathroom furniture such asblack towel racks. A few green plants complete yoursIndustrial style bathroom.

If you prefer something more classic, you can also get our simple TUALI toilet paper holder in timeless white, in case you prefer a white interior. This is particularly suitable for bathrooms with colored tiles or walls. As you can see, there are numerous possible combinations.

A black toilet paper holder from Metallbude

With bathroom furniture from Metallbude you are choosing quality products that are designed with love and manufactured in Germany or Europe according to our ideas. For this reason, we can also respond flexibly to special requests. Maybe you're looking for a white toilet paper holder? Then talk to us. We can realize many wishes and would be happy to show you suitable combination products. Are you curious? Then we invite you to browse our online shop!