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Metal sofa table is practical and decorative

Whether you're sitting comfortably on the sofa with friends or gathering with the whole family in front of the TV, the coffee table is the center of the evening and is ideal for placing wine glasses and drinks, chips and popcorn. A metal sofa table looks elegant, is extremely stable and, as a modern coffee table, is a decorative element in the living room.

Robust and glamorous – a metal sofa table has many advantages

Metal sofa tables are extremely robust and stable and can withstand a lot. This is particularly practical and an important feature if there are children or pets in the household. Metal tables are also easy to clean. They simply need to be cleaned with a damp cloth. Metal sofa tables also suit any interior design style.

These tables are not only practical, but also very decorative. They are usually very delicate and convey lightness. This brings glamor to every room. They do not overshadow the rest of the furnishings, but just stand out a little from the other wooden furnishings. The simple tables add lightness to rooms with heavy solid wood furniture.

Due to the weatherproof surface, a metal sofa table can also be used in the garden and used as a side table. So you can put down your ice-cold drinks while you enjoy the sun in a lounge chair.

Couchtisch Devana X - im Industrial Stil aus schwarzem Metall | Metallbude

Not all metal is the same

When making metal sofa tables, various metals are used, all of which have specific properties:

  • steel: appears robust.
  • aluminum: is particularly light.
  • stainless steel: impresses with a shiny surface.

Although the metal is of course the main focus of such a sofa table, there are also tables that use other materials. A combination of metal and glass makes your sofa table particularly modern and elegant, and a metal frame with a wooden top loosens up the room with wooden furniture. This combination is also just right for industrial chic and ensures industrial charm in your own four walls.

Those made of metal are currently in demandLiving room tables in blackas well as white living room tables. Tables with a silver or gold frame are also available. These appear elegant and create glamorous accents.

Corners and edges – metal sofa table in various shapes

Round, square, oval or geometric: metal sofa tables come in every shape imaginable. A square or round sofa table fits a classic style, while geometric tables provide an extra design touch.

When choosing the shape, you should base your choice on your sofa:

  • Rectangular or oval tables go well with L-shaped and large sofas.
  • Square or square seating areas go well with U-shaped seating areasround coffee tables.
  • Cute triangular or round tables go well with a small couch.

Tip: For a household with children, it is best to choose a model with rounded corners.

Metal sofa table with additional functions

Many sofa tables offer additional storage space in addition to the normal storage space on the table top. Be it through drawers or in the form of another panel under the top table top. Magazines or remote controls can be stored here. Other practical sofa tables include:

nesting tables

This is aMetal coffee table set, where several tables of different sizes can be pushed into or underneath each other and provide additional storage space. If necessary, the smaller tables can be brought out and offer enough space for snacks, drinks and plates for a movie night with friends or family or dinner in front of the TV. They then disappear again under their big brother, so that there aren't always several coffee tables in your living room. A delicate metal coffee table trio is also a real eye-catcher.

Sofa table on wheels

A coffee table on wheels is particularly practical because it is very mobile. This means you can quickly and easily pull it closer to the sofa, for example to eat in front of the TV, or you can push it to the side if you want to use the space in front of the couch to play with your children. You can also quickly drive it up to the dining table and leave it therebeige side tableuse it or push it to the reading chair and use it there as a place to rest your book and a cup of tea.

Metal sofa table and elegant metal furniture

No matter whether it's a sofa table in black, a white coffee table, a nesting table in beige or other furniture and products for your four wallsMetal shackyou will find furniture in a modern and minimalist design. The following applies to all Metallbude products:

  • Depending on the product, you can specify individual dimensions or choose the color white.
  • High quality workmanship and handmade products.

Round, square or oval – order your metal coffee table here.