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Modern sideboard made of metal

A modern metal sideboard is an outstanding piece of furniture for contemporary living spaces. Its sleek and minimalist design gives the room a modern aesthetic. The use of metal as the main material gives the sideboard high stability and durability. The smooth surface of the metal gives it a contemporary elegance and makes it easy to clean. A modern metal sideboard not only offers plenty of storage space, but also serves as a stylish decorative element. The versatile application and its attractive design make the modern metal sideboard an impressive piece of furniture for any modern home.

Black sideboard – configure it yourself

WithVARIAand our 3D configurator you have the opportunity to design an individual metal sideboard for your living room. Such a sideboard is a modern and stylish addition to any living space. Thanks to its robust and durable metal body, it not only offers functional storage space, but also adds an aesthetic touch to the room. The powder-coated surface is easy to clean and easy to care for. Depending on the design, the metal gives the sideboard an industrial or contemporary look. With various drawers, compartments and doors, the sideboard offers enough space for neatly storing books, electronic devices and other items. It integrates seamlessly into different furnishing styles and gives your living room an elegant and functional touch.

Metal highboard – modern and minimalist

Available in the timeless colors black, white and beige, a highboard gives a room different stylistic touches. The black version gives the furniture an elegant and modern touch, while the white option provides a fresh and minimalist look. In beige, a highboard creates a warm and cozy atmosphere. The choice of color depends on the desired mood and personal furnishing style. Regardless of the color chosen, the metal furniture in black, white or beige harmonizes wonderfully with different colors and materials. This allows for stylish integration and at the same time offers enough storage space for books, decorative items and more.


Modern sideboard for the hallway or living room

The high qualityConsole table RIAmade of metal is an extremely versatile addition to various interiors. Its minimalist and elegant style gives the room a modern and appealing aesthetic without being intrusive or overloaded. With its slim design and clear lines, it makes an impressive statement. Whether in the living room, hallway or bedroom, the RIA console table gives every room a timeless elegance. Thanks to its minimalist style, it can be seamlessly integrated into various interior design concepts and harmonizes perfectly with modern,Scandinavianorindustrialdesigns. The neutral color scheme and clear design language allow for effortless combination with other pieces of furniture and create a balanced and aesthetically pleasing space.

Metal sideboard in white and beige

A metal sideboard in white or beige is a timeless and elegant choice for any living space. The two colors give the sideboard a bright and friendly appearance, which creates a warm and cozy atmosphere. The metal gives the sideboard a modern touch, while the white or beige convey a certain lightness and elegance. With its versatile design, the metal sideboard in white or beige can be seamlessly integrated into various furnishing styles and gives any living space a stylish touch.

Floating metal sideboard

TheSION hanging consolemade of metal impresses with its simple elegance and timeless design, which radiates a subtle elegance. The fine craftsmanship gives the console a delicate aesthetic and modern, minimalist charm. The harmonious combination of delicate metal and subtle wood inserts gives the wall console a floating lightness that fits seamlessly into any room and still sets an eye-catching accent. The restrained use of wood not only serves as a visual highlight, but also emphasizes the natural beauty of the material. The console also offers storage space and a clever cable duct to cleverly hide cables.