Floating Bedside Tables

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Modern bedroom design: floating bedside tables

Floating bedside tables add a contemporary and elegant look to a bedroom and enhance anymodern bedroom designstylish. This minimalist solution creates an airy and open ambience in the sleeping area. The floating bedside tables save valuable floor space and still offer enough storage space for books, alarm clocks or personal items. The floating arrangement makes the bedroom appear larger and more open. Thanks to their minimalist design, the bedside tables can be perfectly adapted to the individual furnishing style and designed individually.


Floating effect: mount desserts on the wall

The floating effect of wall-mounted bedside tables gives the bedroom a modern and stylish aesthetic. By attaching the bedside tables to the wall, an airy and light atmosphere is created in the room. This minimalist approach saves valuable floor space while creating a practical storage area. The floating effect also creates the impression of more space and gives the bedroom an open atmosphere. Wall mounting allows flexible height adjustment to individually adapt the bedside tables to the bed size and personal needs. This modern design option adds a contemporary touch to the bedroom and creates a stylish and practical sleeping environment.


Minimalist bedside tables – floating on the wall

Our hangingNELIO bedside tableMade of powder-coated metal, it is a prime example of a minimalist and elegant design that will aesthetically enrich any modern home. With clean lines and a curved oval shape, this bedside table strikes a harmonious balance between functionality and style. The practical design of the hanging bedside table optimizes the use of counter space and storage space and offers enough space for personal items that need to be within easy reach. This promotes an organized and tidy environment that contributes to relaxation and rejuvenation. The choice of powder-coated metal as a material gives the bedside table a modern and contemporary look that fits perfectly into the modern living environment.


Floating bedside tables in black, beige or white

Wall-mounted bedside tables in black add a special touch to an already modern bedroomelegant touchand go well with clean lines and minimalist design. Black bedside tables are also idealindustrial style, which thrives on metal and dark color accents. In beige or white, the hanging bedside tables harmonize perfectly with theScandinavian design, which relies on bright colors and natural materials. They also go well with the country house style, which focuses on a cozy and natural atmosphere. Overall, floating bedside tables in black, beige or white can be easily integrated into different bedroom styles and give the room a modern and stylish touch.

So that access to the bed box remains free: floating bedside table

A floating bedside table offers an elegant solution for maintaining access to the bed base while ensuring storage space and functionality. By attaching the bedside table to the wall, it creates an airy atmosphere in the bedroom and saves valuable floor space. The floating effect gives the room a modern aesthetic and allows for a light and open feel. This means access to the bed box remains unobstructed and makes it easier to store bed linen, blankets or other utensils. The simple and minimalist design of the floating bedside table suits various interior styles and gives the bedroom a stylish touch.


Floating metal bedside tables

Due to their practical, aesthetic and space-saving properties, floating metal bedside tables offer a number of advantages and are therefore becoming increasingly popular in modern living spaces:

  • Space Saving: By being wall mounted, they float above the floor and save valuable space in the bedroom, especially in small rooms.
  • Aesthetics: The floating effect gives the bedroom a modern and stylish aesthetic, creating a contemporary atmosphere.
  • Easy to clean: Since they don't sit directly on the floor, they are easier to clean and allow for a thorough cleaning of the floor underneath.
  • Free access to the bed box: Since the floor remains clear, access to the bed box is not blocked, making it easier to store items under the bed.
  • Flexibility: The height of the floating bedside tables can be flexibly adjusted to suit individual needs and the height of the bed.
  • Versatility: Metal as a material is sturdy and durable, so metal floating bedside tables have a long service life and fit well with different interior styles.
  • Easy to assemble: Wall mounting the floating metal bedside tables is quick and easy.