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Black console table – storage space in an elegant look

Whether in the bedroom, hallway or as additional storage space in the kitchen: a black console table is an eye-catcher. In the living room it offers space for decorative items such as picture frames, vases or sculptures, which can be cleverly displayed on it. At the same time, a black console table offers space to store books, magazines or other utensils.

Console table – what is that anyway?

The console table was developed in the 17th century and was primarily used in reception rooms to showcase decorative items. It owes its name to the French word consolider, which means to consolidate or strengthen.

A console table is usually long and narrow and has a smooth surface. It usually consists of four legs and a plate. However, the exact structure differs from model to model.

A black console table is suitable for all rooms

A black console is suitable for different rooms. It is important to make sure that it suits your needs and that the material and color harmonize with the rest of the room.

Black console table in the hallway

A black metal console table is a great piece of furniture, a beautiful focal point for the hallway and fits perfectlyIndustrial style hallway. It offers a practical storage area for keys or for dropping off mail when you come in. Equipped with a lamp and a mirror, a friendly and inviting reception area is created where you immediately feel welcome.

A mirror above the console table is also a good way to check everything is in place before leaving the house and it reflects the light and makes a small hallway appear larger and brighter.

Of course, the dimensions of the console table must fit the hallway: If you have a small, narrow hallway, you should choose a smaller model.

Black console table in the living room

As a single piece of furniture in front of an otherwise empty wall, a black console table looks particularly effective in the living room. The same applies to photos, a decorative lamp, a vase or other objects that are placed on it.

However, the black console table can also have practical uses: it can be used as a TV bench or as a place for the stereo system or it can serve as a side table and storage space for magazines and knick-knacks. High-quality spirits look great on a console table. This transforms the console into a stylish minibar. However, caution is advised with an open model: it can quickly appear overloaded and untidy if there are too many bottles.

Console table in the bedroom

Black console tables are ideal for the bedroom. With a mirror above and a stool in front of it, the console table can quickly be transformed into a dressing table. Drawers and shelves provide space for make-up utensils. In open compartments, these should be able to be stored in suitable baskets to avoid a messy impression. Some people use the console table in the bedroom as a place for underwear and socks or as additional storage space for books or decorative items.

Other rooms where a black console table is used

  • In the office as a sideboard and storage space for folders, notebooks and pen holders.
  • In the children's room as a shelf for books, toys, storing diapers and changing accessories.
  • In the kitchen as additional storage space while cooking, for drinks supplies or as a shelf for cookbooks.

  • In the dining room as a place to store drinks, sauces, empty bowls or to create a cozy atmosphere with candles or a beautiful table lamp.

Black console tables fit many interior styles

Black is still one of the classic colors and is therefore timelessly elegant and always modern. A black console table harmonizes with any interior and can be combined easily and in a variety of ways. A black metal console table underlines aIndustrial style living room. A particularly delicate model can be perfectly integrated into the simple Japandi style and suits everyone wholiving minimalistically.

Console table from Metallbude: Modern with a minimalist design

The black console table RIA fromMetal shackcomes with a simple and open design and impresses with its diversity. The delicate metal console table can be used in any room: in the kitchen, in the office, in the bedroom or in the hallway - it makes a good impression everywhere. The original piece with the four metal struts is particularly vivid in the living room, where it can be properly showcased.

Furniture from Metallbude stands for good, high-quality design, is modern, sustainable, robust, family-friendly and can be used in a variety of ways in all rooms. All products are processed to a high quality and manufactured to order in Europe. Many of the pieces of furniture are available in individual dimensions.

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