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Noble and stylish – hanging consoles in black are a design highlight

No matter whether you want to use them in the living room, bedroom or kitchen – hanging consoles in black are absolute space savers and real eye-catchers. They elegantly carry everyday objects or show off our favorite decorations. You can now find out why a black hanging console is the right piece of furniture for you, how you can integrate it into different rooms and furnishing styles and which version is right for youMetal shack.

That's why a black hanging console is a must-have for your home

Black hanging consoles are an absolute must in your home for several reasons:

  • They can be combined in many ways and can exist simply in the background or function as a design highlight.
  • The simple color makes them timeless in design and can be integrated into any room and style.
  • Black stands for elegance and a hanging console definitely brings that into any room.
  • Black hanging consoles create new storage space without taking up too much space.

Incorporate a black hanging console into different rooms

  • Living room:A black hanging console can serve several purposes here. An open oneWall shelf in blackoffers space for family photos or personal memorabilia. Books or newspapers also find their place here. Combine your hanging console with a matching oneConsole table in black.
  • Corridor:If thatShoe rack in blackis no longer enough, then the hanging console with additional storage space can help. Also place things like keys, umbrellas or simply beautiful decorations on your hanging console in the hallway.
  • Kitchen:Present your most beautiful dishes here or use the hanging console as a spice rack. Towels can be stored wonderfully in a black hanging console.
  • Bathroom:Bathroom accessories or cosmetics are items that need a fixed place in the bathroom. The black hanging console helps here. In the bathroom, colorful or simple towels can also be stored wonderfully in a black hanging console.


Hanging consoles in black in various designs

Black hanging consoles are available in different materials. Choose between glass, wood, plastic or metal. The painted wood version brings a natural atmosphere to the room and gives it warmth. OneMetal wall shelfbrings a cool, minimalist chic to your living area. For example, create a cool industrial look with the SION hanging console from Metallbude by combining the two materials. As far as the surface is concerned, you can choose between a matt or a glossy look, depending on the material. You decide the shape of your hanging console yourself, the main thing is that it is mounted on the wall. For example, choose between ornate models, shelf cubes and hanging consoles with several levels or drawers.

Matching furnishing styles for black hanging consoles

Industrial style:Dark colors and angular shapes are required here – perfect for a black hanging console. Combine these with wooden elements or heavy leather armchairs to really bring out the industrial charm.
Japandi style:This style thrives on natural wooden elements and results from the mixture of Japanese and Scandinavian furnishing styles.
Loft style:Wide rooms and plenty of space for large furniture that is stylishly placed in the room - that's itLoft style. Place your black hanging console so that it acts as an eye-catcher or mix black andwhite hanging consolesfor an unusual look on a free wall.

Buy a hanging console in black from Metallbude

Hanging consoles are not only practical, but also versatile. Refurbish your apartment and order your furniture from Metallbude. Benefit from further advantages:

  • modern and minimalist furniture harmonize with different furnishing styles,
  • Custom-made products from Metallbude are Made in Germany and handmade,
  • You receive free shipping within Germany for orders over €150.

Buy your hanging console in black from Metallbude now!