Modern Shoe Racks

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Modern shoe rack - order in the hallway

A modern metal shoe rack is ideal for perfect organization in the hallway. This is how you declare war on the chaos in the entrance area, because all your shoes have a place there and the hallway appears neat and tidy. In addition, it is not only a practical piece of furniture, but also a beautiful eye-catcher with which you can showcase your shoe collection.

Chic metal shoe racks

Modern shoe racks are available in different designs and made from different materials. The materials used are bamboo, wood or metal. There are high and low models, simple and elaborately decorated, as well as open and closed models. With this diversity, the right variant can be found for every hallway.

In addition to design and material, the question of whether you want a closed or open model plays a role:

Modern open shoe rack: All shoes immediately in view

With an open shoe rack, all shoes immediately catch the eye and you know at a glance where each pair is. This means the shoes are ready to hand particularly quickly. In an open model, however, the shoes should be neatly lined up and well cared for. If the shoes are lying in a mess and dirty on the shelf, it's not a pretty sight and the hallway quickly looks untidy and chaotic.

While wet shoes are taboo in a shoe cabinet, they find a place in an open shoe rack because they are sufficiently ventilated. To prevent wet shoes from dripping onto the shoes underneath, you can simply use a shoe rack.

Some shoe racks have a sturdy (wooden) plate at the top. They not only offer space for shoes, but also a practical storage area for keys and mail and a nice place for decorative elements that make your hallway more comfortable. Other models can also be used as a bench.

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Designer metal shoe rack

A shelf with telescopic rods is suitable for a particularly large shoe collection. These are clamped between the floor and ceiling and the shoes are placed on the holders provided. This metal model offers a lot of space because the entire height of the room is used. At the same time, you can keep an eye on all your shoes and get a good overview of your entire shoe collection.

Closed modern shoe racks make the hallway appear tidy

Closed shoe racks offer the advantage that the shoe collection completely disappears from view. The hallway usually looks tidier and tidier. For such a tidy look, there are models that have a roller blind or a textile cover behind which your shoes disappear. There are also closed models that come in the form of a shoe cabinet. These can either be opened through doors behind which the shoes are on (slanted) shelves. Other models are opened using a tilt function: When opened, the compartment is tilted at the front and the shoes can easily be removed.

Modern shoe rack at Metallbude

AtMetal shackyou will find a model made of black metal that fits in perfectly thanks to its loft characterIndustrial style hallwayfits. But the shoe rack in black is also a real eye-catcher with other furnishing styles. At the same time, it not only offers a practical storage option for your shoes, but is also suitable as a bench. For all those who are looking for oneShoe bench in whiteit can be made in this color. A suitable oneCoat rack for ceiling mountingand you already have a beautiful, minimalist hallway.

Minimalist furniture from Metallbude

In addition to wardrobe ideas and furniture for a cozy and homely entrance area, you can find other products with a modern, minimalist design at Metallbude. Metallbude also offers

  • Custom-made products that are produced in Germany.
  • Products for which you can specify individual dimensions or choose the color white.
  • high quality workmanship and handmade products.

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