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Schuhregal Bovi in Schwarz | Metallbude

Metal shoe bench offers functional and visually appealing storage for your shoes

A metal shoe bench is a beautiful and comfortable piece of furniture to store your shoes. With it you can easily keep your shoe collection tidy. There are many different models, so that the right shoe bench can be found to suit the space in the entrance area and the furnishing style. In addition to the functional aspect, metal shoe benches are also beautiful design pieces in the hallway.

Metal shoe bench is multifunctional, durable and an eye-catcher in your hallway

Metal shoe benches are an excellent solution for your shoe collection and a good alternative to a shoe cabinet. They ensure a tidy hallway and ensure that you have your shoe collection organized and your shoes are quickly at hand. This storage option also offers other advantages:

  • Multifunctional

Shoe benches are multifunctional as they offer storage space for your shoes and a place to sit at the same time. This means you no longer have to put on your shoes while standing or look for somewhere to sit. At the same time, your shoes are always within reach and you can take them out quickly and easily.

  • Robust and durable

Metal is a particularly robust metal. This means you can use the shoe bench for years because it is particularly durable. Metal also provides the necessary stability.

  • Easy-care

Metal furniture is very easy to care for. They just need to be wiped clean with a damp cloth.

  • Easy to combine

Metal furniture and a metal shoe bench can be combined well with wooden furnishings.

  • Eye-catcher

A metal shoe bench is functional and practical, but at the same time a real eye-catcher with which you can use yourDesign the entrance areaand spice up the hallway. Decorated with a beautiful faux fur or seat cushion, it looks particularly great and creates a cozy atmosphere. Of course, the cushion also ensures particularly comfortable seating.

  • Multiple usage options

You can use the shoe bench in the hallway at the same timeConsole table in blackor use it in wood and equip the storage area with decorative items.

Metal shoe bench in different designs

There are many storage options for your shoes. There are shoe benches where you place your shoes in open compartments like on a shelf. The individual levels usually consist of several struts that are a little apart from each other. This allows dirt that sticks to your shoes to fall down and be sucked away at the bottom. In addition, your shoes will be well ventilated in such a shoe bench. This prevents mold formation. Some models have a small curtain. This means your shoes disappear from view and the hallway appears even tidier. With other models, you store your shoes behind a door or in a tilt compartment. You should not store damp shoes here, as the shoes are less well ventilated and mold can develop.

Schuhbank NEVA ist Schuhregal und Sitzbank in Einem! Schlichtes, filigranes Design mit einer hochwertigen Verarbeitung. | Metallbude

From vintage to minimalist: metal shoe cabinets suit all interior styles

Metal shoe benches are anything but boring. Thanks to the number of different models, a metal shoe bench fits many different interior styles. Numerous models offer a vintage look and can be combined with different styles. Plus, they fit youIndustrial style hallwayand to loft style. Models with a combination of metal and wood also fit well in such a hallway. But also a powder-coated oneShoe bench in blackis a real eye-catcher for your hallway and brings industrial charm to your entrance area. Delicate and minimalist shoe benches, which consist of just a few struts and a thin plate, can be easily integrated into a minimalist entrance area.

Loft charm with metal shoe rack from Metallbude

With aShoe bench in whiteor black fromMetal shackgets that certain something into your entrance area. The shoe rack provides loft charm and practical storage space for your shoes. At the same time you can sit comfortably on it.

Are you looking for more industrial design furniture? Then you will find everything you need at Metallbude. Besides that

  • The furniture is modern and minimalist in design.
  • Depending on the product, you can specify individual dimensions or choose the color white.
  • Custom-made products are produced in Germany.
  • The products are manufactured to a high quality and handmade.
  • Your order over 150 EUR will be delivered free of charge in Germany.

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