Metal S-hook

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LEATHER S-HOOKS (set of 3/6)
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Metal S-hook

S-hooks can be used to quickly and easily create additional storage options. Simply hung on the shelf or cupboard door, towels, cooking utensils or items of clothing can quickly and easily find a place here.

Metal S-hooks: here today, there tomorrow

S-hooks are particularly practical because they are particularly flexible. If they are no longer needed in one place, they can be used in another place without any problem. They do not leave any unsightly holes or adhesive residue on the walls or furniture. The metal S-hooks can also be used directly at the new location without any drilling or gluing. Therefore, S-hooks are extremely versatile and are also robust and durable.

S-hooks are suitable for every room

There are no limits to the range of uses for metal S-hooks:

S-hooks in the hallway

In the hallway you can quickly and easily create a beautiful one with stylish metal S-hookswardrobeconjure up. Simply hung on a pole, there is space for jackets, coats, scarves and hats. Do you already have a wardrobe? Depending on the model, you can easily expand these with the practical metal S-hooks by simply hanging them on your wardrobe. This gives you even more space for your jackets, coats, bags and other accessories.

S-hooks in the kitchen

Simply clipped into the door of kitchen cabinets, S hooks provide a great and easy way to store tea towels and pot holders in the kitchen. If the S-hooks can be attached higher up or on the kitchen door, the apron also finds a place.

S-hooks on a rod provide a stylish storage place for cooking utensils such as whisks and spatulas. But pots and pans can also find a place on the practical hooks instead of in cupboards or drawers, giving the kitchen a touch of industrial and large-scale kitchen charm.

S-hooks in the bathroom

In the bathroom, the S-hooks can easily be used as hooks for towels and bathrobes. Simply hung on the door of the bathroom cabinet or on the shower cubicle, you will have found a simple and stable place in no time, because unlike many suction hooks, metal S hooks stay stuck without any problems.

S-hooks in the bedroom

In the bedroom, metal S-hooks offer a great alternative to clothes hangers. This means your clothes will find a place on the bedroom door or closet door. S-hooks also fit perfectly with oneClothes rail with ceiling mounting– the perfect replacement or addition to your wardrobe. The S-hooks also offer a unique way to easily and decoratively store scarves, shawls, bags and even jewelry such as necklaces.

S-hooks in the living room

In the living room, metal S-hooks are suitable for hanging decorative items quickly and easily - without drilling or gluing.

Metal meets leather: S-hooks at Metallbude

AtMetal shackyou will find particularly stylish S-hooks made of metal. Because this is where metal meets natural leather. Perfect for an industrial style bedroom or hallway. Thanks to the leather loop, the S-hooks look high-quality and elegant and make a good impression in any room.

High-quality design: S-hooks and other furniture from Metallbude

No matter whether you are looking for metal S-hooks as small everyday helpers or larger furniture for oneBlack and white interior, in theJapandiIf you are looking for style or minimalist furnishings, you will find the right piece of furniture at Metallbude.

Our furniture is made to order and in Germany and Europe. In addition, furniture is from Metallbude

Order your new metal S-hooks with leather loops here.