Tube Wardrobes

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Modern metal tubular wardrobes

Modern metal tube wardrobes are a contemporary and practical solution for storing clothing and accessories. Its striking design, which relies on the use of metal pipes, gives the room an industrial and modern character. The open structure of the tube wardrobes allows clothing and accessories to be arranged clearly, creating a tidy impression. The robustness of the metal ensures that the wardrobes are highly resilient and long-lasting, meaning they can easily withstand daily demands. With their industrial charm and practical use, they are an attractive choice for modern living rooms and hallways.


Loft style with pipe wardrobes

TheRUBI tubular wardrobefits particularly well in open-plan living spaces with high ceilings and offers a stylish and functional solution for clothes storage. With its striking metal tubes, the coat rack gives the room an urban and casual look. The open structure of tube wardrobes allows for practical organization of clothing and accessories while also creating an aesthetic presentation of the wardrobe. The resulting oneLoft styleemphasizes the industrial character of the living space by using pipes as a design element and transforming the room into a modern loft look. The loft style with pipe wardrobes is a trendy and modern furnishing option that combines the charm of industrial design and functionality.


Upgrade your tubular wardrobe with coat hooks

To improve the style and functionality of a pipe wardrobe, you can upgrade it with additional onesClothes hookat. Adding coat hooks creates more hanging options for jackets, coats, scarves and bags, which is particularly helpful in a hectic everyday life. The combination of metal tubes and complementary coat hooks gives the coat rack an industrial and modern charm. It also offers an opportunity to make the design more personalized by adding different types of coat hooks. Upgrading it with additional coat hooks not only makes the pipe wardrobe more functional, but also gives it an individual touch that fits perfectly with your own style.

Black metal pipe coat racks

Black metal pipe wardrobes are a modern and minimalist solution for storing clothes and accessories. With their contemporary design, they fit seamlessly into different interior styles and add an elegant touch to any room. The high-quality powder coating in black gives the pipe wardrobes an elegant look and ensures a robust and durable surface. This makes them not only aesthetically pleasing, but also practical and functional. The open structure of the tube wardrobes offers a clear way to hang up clothes and store accessories. The black color appears unobtrusive yet striking, making the wardrobe a stylish eye-catcher. Whether in onemodern loft, oneindustrial living spaceor oneminimalist interior– black tube wardrobes fit perfectly with different interior design styles. Their flexibility allows them to be used in hallways, bedrooms or dressing areas, and they can be made even more functional by adding additional coat hooks. The black metal pipe coat rack is therefore a contemporary and versatile solution for neat and elegant wardrobe storage in any modern home.


Cool and minimalist – tube wardrobes

Pipe wardrobes are a contemporary and stylish solution for storing clothes and accessories. With their slim and linear design, they embody a modern aesthetic that integrates perfectly into minimalist living spaces. The clean lines and open structure of the pipe wardrobes create a tidy and airy atmosphere that contributes to relaxation and serenity. The use of metal pipes in black, white or other neutral colors reinforces the minimalist character and gives the wardrobes a striking presence. The high-quality powder coating not only ensures an elegant look, but also a robust and durable surface that can easily withstand everyday demands. The practical functionality of the tube wardrobes allows for efficient organization of clothes, bags and hats, while at the same time enriching the room as an aesthetic element. Whether in a modern loft, a Scandinavian interior or an urban living space - cool and minimalist designed tube wardrobes are the perfect addition to a contemporary and harmonious home.