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Modern metal shelving systems

Modern metal shelving systems are a contemporary and aesthetic solution for storage and organization in various rooms. The versatile shelving systems offer flexibility and adaptability as they are often modular and can be expanded individually. The use of high-quality metal gives the shelves stability and durability, while their minimalist design fits seamlessly into modern interior design concepts. They are available in different colors and finishes to suit every taste and style. The sturdy metal furniture is suitable for living rooms, kitchens, and workspaces, offering an elegant solution for an organized and tidy environment.

Metal shelving system for your home

A metal shelving system is a practical and modern solution to keep your home organized and stylish. The sturdy construction made of high quality metal provides stability and durability for long term use. With their timeless and minimalist design, these shelving systems fit seamlessly into different living areas such as the living room, bedroom, kitchen or study. The modular shelves allow for flexible adjustment to your individual needs and offer enough storage space for books, decorations, dishes or other items. The diverse color and size options allow you to adapt the shelving system perfectly to your living style and room and thus create an elegant and tidy living atmosphere.

Metal shelving systems for your living room

Modular shelving systems suit a variety of interior styles and offer a flexible and versatile solution for storage and design of rooms. Here are some interior design styles that modular shelving systems go particularly well with:

  • Modern furnishing style: Modular shelves with clear lines and minimalist design fit perfectly into modern living spaces that are characterized by simple elegance and contemporary aesthetics.
  • Industrial furnishing style: The metallic surfaces and the modular concept harmonize ideally with an industrial furnishing style that is characterized by rough materials, clear shapes and urban charm.
  • Scandinavian furnishing style: Modular shelving systems with wood and a clear design go well with a Scandinavian living style that is characterized by natural materials and light colors.
  • Contemporary interior style: The flexibility and adaptability of modular shelves make them the ideal choice for a contemporary interior style characterized by current trends and modern elements.
  • Minimalist furnishing style: Modular shelves offer a minimalist and tidy solution for rooms characterized by simplicity and reduction.

Modular shelving systems for all living spaces

With ourVARIA shelving systemand the 3D configurator, you have a variety of options to design an individual shelving system for your living room, home office or hallway. Metal furniture of this type is a modern and stylish addition to any room. With its robust and durable metal body, it not only offers functional storage space, but also adds an aesthetic touch. The metal gives the shelf an industrial or contemporary look, depending on the design. The powder-coated surface is easy to clean and easy to care for. With various drawers, compartments and doors, the metal shelving system offers enough space for storing personal items. It fits seamlessly into different interior styles and gives your home an elegant and functional atmosphere.

Practical and minimalist: metal control system

TheVARIA shelving systemmade of metal is a practical and minimalist solution for organization in any room. The clear lines and simple aesthetics of the metal give the shelving system a contemporary look that fits seamlessly into modern interior design concepts. The high functionality of the control system enables flexible adaptation to individual needs, as it is modular and can be easily expanded. The robust metal construction ensures stability and durability, while the body itself offers sufficient storage space. Whether in the living room, office or study - a metal shelving system is an elegant and practical solution for an organized and tidy environment.