Furniture Sets

Furniture sets – when everything fits together

With a furniture set you get several pieces of furniture that fit together and are coordinated in style and color. This way you can furnish your apartment quickly and without having to search for matching furniture. No matter whether you prefer the country house style, the trendy industrial style or a modern or minimalist style: furniture sets are available in many different furnishing styles and for all rooms.

Furniture sets offer clear advantages

Do you want to redecorate your apartment and are you looking for suitable furniture? Then you can either buy all the pieces of furniture individually or you can choose a practical furniture set. These offer several advantages over purchasing individually:

  • Price advantage:A furniture set is usually cheaper than the total price you would pay for all the furniture if you bought the furniture separately.
  • Style and color match:The individual pieces of furniture in a set are coordinated with each other. This means that the style and color match and you avoid a hodgepodge of furniture that doesn't go together.
  • Time saving:Since you buy all the furniture at once and they match each other in style and color, you no longer have to worry about what goes together and you no longer have to search for matching pieces of furniture. This saves you time so you can enjoy your new furniture.

Furniture sets for every room

Furniture sets are available for all rooms and in different designs, so the exact number of pieces may vary. In many cases, you can choose the size of the set yourself and only buy the pieces of furniture that you really need. The furniture sets for different rooms usually consist of the following elements:

  • bathroom: A furniture set for your bathroom usually consists of a sink base cabinet, a mirror cabinet and a tall cabinet.
  • bedroom: Bedroom furniture sets include a bed with matching bedside tables and a wardrobe. Depending on your needs, such a set can be expanded to include additional pieces of furniture such as a chest of drawers.
  • Living room: In addition to a coffee table and a table for your television, a furniture set for the living room usually includes console tables, chests of drawers, tall cabinets or showcases.
  • Hallway: You can personalize your hallway with a furniture set consisting of a wardrobe, shoe cabinet and other elements such as cupboards or a mirror.
  • dining room: Dining groups are also part of the furniture sets and consist of a dining table and matching chairs or a beautiful bench.

Furniture sets at Metallbude

AtMetal shackyou will find various furniture sets that you can configure according to your own wishes and needs. At ourHall furniture setFor example, you can decide for yourself whether you need hooks or hangers for your wardrobe and whether you need a single or double shoe rack. You can also use our wall shelfShelf setDesign it individually with different storage areas. If you order your new furniture as a set, you will save significantly with our bundle offers compared to ordering all the individual pieces.

Furniture sets from Metallbude stand for high quality

Furniture from Metallbude stands for good, high-quality design. They are modern, sustainable, robust and versatile. All products are handmade and manufactured to a high quality. Depending on the product, you can specify individual dimensions when ordering or choose the color white.

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