Modular Wall Shelves

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Modular wall shelves offer tailor-made storage space

Modular wall shelves are an excellent solution for all rooms and are particularly suitable for small spaces. These modern wall shelves can be customized to provide a tailored solution for storing personal items, files, books and more and can be used as a bookcase, a room divider or a hanging shelf.

Modular wall shelves provide flexibility

Configurable shelves are a tailor-made solution for your needs. You can customize these shelving systems to meet your exact needs. They promise a high degree of flexibility. They are suitable for small spaces, such as furnishing a small living room . Small spaces can often be a big problem when it comes to furnishings. However, a modular wall shelving system can be a great solution because you can often specify custom dimensions when ordering, so you can also use small spaces or corners. This way you can choose the shelf so that it fits perfectly into your room without taking up a lot of space. You can also decide for yourself what your shelf should look like. So you can choose open or closed compartments or drawers. Just what you need. At the same time, you can adjust the shelf so that it fits perfectly with your interior style or becomes an eye-catcher in your living room.

Modular wall shelves offer individual solutions for all rooms

Modular wall shelves can be used in all rooms:

  • Modular wall shelves can be used as study shelves . Here they serve as a filing cabinet for storing documents and folders. As a substructure under the table top, they create additional storage space as a replacement for table legs.
  • In the living room, modular wall shelves can be used as a bookcase or as a shelf for decorations and personal items. But CDs and DVDs also find a place here.
  • In the dining room, you can use such a shelving system to store dishes and cutlery near the dining table.
  • In the entrance area, such metal or wooden shelving systems are suitable as a shoe cabinet or for storing accessories such as scarves, gloves and hats. You can also store your keys and cell phone here.

Modular shelving systems made of metal and solid wood

Modular shelving systems promise a lot of flexibility. Not least because there are many different versions when it comes to execution. There are models that can reach up to the ceiling. The systems are also made from different materials. There are models with steel legs and wooden shelves or shelving systems that are made entirely of metal or wood. Models with drawers and doors ensure extra order, as objects disappear here and no messy appearance is created.

At Metallbude you will find minimalist wall shelves made of black metal , which can be expanded using a plug-in system. Since you can also choose other colors, great color combinations can be created by expanding. There is also a metal and wooden shelving system that can be ordered in different versions that can be combined according to your own taste and needs.

High quality products from Metallbude

The furniture from Metallbude is partly handmade and manufactured to a high quality. Depending on the product, individual dimensions can be specified or you can choose from different colors. These custom-made products are produced in Germany and all products are delivered free of charge in Germany from 150 EUR.

Put together your modular wall shelf here.

Custom-made expandable wall shelves

Modular wall shelves are a clever solution for organizing and decorating living spaces. These versatile furnishings consist of various modules that can be combined with each other and customized. Not only do they provide storage space for books, decorations and personal items, but they also provide a way to creatively design the space. Modular wall shelves adapt flexibly to needs and the available space. They are ideal for utilizing unused walls or making an eye-catching design statement. Whether minimalist, modern or rustic, modular wall shelves offer a tailored solution for interior design and storage.

Modular metal wall shelves

Modular metal wall shelves are a modern and versatile solution for organizing and decorating rooms. Their robust metal material not only gives them stability but also a contemporary look. These shelves consist of different, combinable modules that can be customized to suit needs and available space. Metallic wall shelves offer a perfect balance between functionality and aesthetics. They are great for storing books, decorations, plants and more. Their simple elegance allows them to complement different interior styles, from industrial to modern. They are also durable and easy to care for. Modular metal wall shelves are a smart and stylish choice for combining order and design in any room.

Custom-made wall shelf with wooden elements

A custom wall shelf with wooden elements is an elegant way to personalize spaces and provide functional storage. These shelves are made according to the specific needs and dimensions of the room, with wooden elements bringing warmth and naturalness to the interior. The wood gives the shelf a rustic or modern aesthetic, depending on the choice of other modules. Customization makes it possible to make the most of the space and create a bespoke design that perfectly reflects the personal style and requirements of the room.

Modular shelves for the wall

Modular wall cabinets and shelves offer numerous advantages:

  • Flexibility: They can be adjusted and expanded depending on your needs and room size, allowing maximum flexibility.
  • Space saving: Modular cabinets and shelves make optimal use of vertical space, which is particularly useful in smaller rooms.
  • Individuality: You can arrange the modules as you wish to create a custom design that meets your needs.
  • Versatility: These systems are suitable for various purposes, be it storing books, tableware or decoration.
  • Organization: They allow for organized storage and help reduce clutter.
  • Aesthetics: Modular cabinets and shelves can be aesthetically pleasing and enhance the space.
  • Future-proof: They can be easily moved or redesigned when moving or changing rooms.

Put together your metal wall shelf yourself

With our VARIA shelving system and the user-friendly configurator, you can determine the design according to your wishes. No matter whether you prefer minimalist elegance or generous storage space, are looking for decorative accents or practical features - VARIA offers the perfect solution for every space requirement. You can customize the color, overall size and front design to realize your personal vision. The robust main body made of sheet steel, which forms the basic structure of the cabinet, can be flexibly expanded and adjusted, whether you want to use it as a bedside cabinet, lowboard or wall cabinet. The high-quality powder coating ensures durability and easy care, which makes VARIA particularly suitable for everyday use.

Individual wall shelves in black, white and beige

Our individual wall shelves in the timeless colors black, white and beige offer versatile design options. These simple color options easily match different interior styles and allow you to add personal touches. Each shelf is custom made to suit the needs and style of the room.