Modern Wall Shelves

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Lots of storage space in your home with modern wall shelves

Creating more storage space and space in your own apartment – ​​this is possible with modern wall shelves. Regardless of the furnishing style and size of your apartment, modern wall shelves always fit! Place decorations or simply your favorite photos and give your home a personal touch, your wall shelf will help you do this. You can find out why you shouldn't do without modern wall shelves in your home, which designs you can choose from and where and how best to use themMetal shack.

Why modern wall shelves are a must in your home

Modern wall shelves are the ideal small pieces of furniture because they don't take up a lot of space and still provide a lot of use. That's why you shouldn't do without them in your home:

  • Modern wall shelves are available in different designs, colors and sizes.
  • They can be installed almost anywhere, whether kitchen, living room, hallway, bedroom or bathroom, they are useful in every room.
  • In addition to being practical, modern wall shelves also serve decorative purposes.
  • They offer a versatile storage space for decorations or everyday items, such as books, dishes or other items that should be visible in the room.
  • In small apartments they offer additional space and are therefore real space savers.

Modern wall shelves in different shapes, materials and sizes

The variety of shapes, materials, sizes and colors in modern wall shelves is enormous. For example, choose between plastic, wood, glass or metal. Wooden shelves represent naturalness and a Scandinavian look. Glass wall shelves are minimalist and look great in the bathroom or kitchen. They are also minimalist and stylishblack metal wall shelvesin combination withblack metal decoration. In shades of gray or even lighter shades of beige and white, metal shelves look good in any room and are easy to combine. Modern wall shelves are often characterized by their minimalist and simple look, an urban look and their straight shapes. But round shapes or curved models can also be convincing. Regardless of whether modern wall shelves have golden elements or are made of pipes, they can come in many facets. The RIVO model from Metallbude, for example, consists of a grid construction with several shelves and an additional mirror.

Spiegel RIVO - Spiegel aus Metall in Schwarz an Wandregal | Metallbude

Use your modern wall shelf in all rooms

Modern wall shelves can be used in almost all rooms and to match many styles in your home. Here some examples:

  • Living room:No matter whether you want to place your favorite books, family photos, or simply beautiful decorations on your modern wall shelf, everything finds its ideal place in the living room. Tip: If you have light walls, choose a black wall shelf, this way you can create stylish contrasts and create an eye-catcher with your shelf.
  • Bathroom:Here you can use your modern wall shelf as a shelf for plants, small towels, cosmetics or other beauty products. Choose a model made of glass or metal that is resistant to moisture and stains.
  • Kitchen:The modern wall shelves also include theWall mounted wine racks, which always present your favorite wine within easy reach and aesthetically. The VINIA model from Metallbude, for example, is perfect for this.
  • Corridor:In the hallway, in addition to jackets and shoes, you might also store hats, scarves or other important things that you take with you when you leave the house. An open wall shelf like the NIVO wall shelf from Metallbude offers enough space for these things. Combine it with a matching,large wall mirrorand your entrance area is perfect.

Buy modern wall shelves at Metallbude

Modern wall shelves are available in countless designs, colors, sizes and versions. Their versatility means they can be integrated into all styles and rooms. The attachment is usually very simple and the effect in the room is very great, but there are even more reasons why you should choose a modern wall shelf from Metallbude:

  • The modern and minimalist furniture from Metallbude harmonizes with different furnishing styles and can be easily combined with each other. Feel free to take a look around!
  • Custom-made products from Metallbude are made in Germany and handmade.

Buy your modern wall shelf from Metallbude now!