Modern Magnets

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Magnettafel in beige mit Holzmagneten

Wooden magnets in a modern design

Wooden magnets in a modern design combine the natural beauty of wood with a contemporary aesthetic. They are a stylish alternative to traditional magnets and add a special touch to any room. Thanks to their clear lines and simple shapes, they go well with modern furnishing styles and fit seamlessly into the overall picture. Wooden magnets are not only aesthetically pleasing but also practical to use. They reliably hold notes, photos and other important documents on magnetic surfaces such as magnetic boards or the refrigerator and bring a warm, natural atmosphere into the room.


Magnets for magnetic boards

The aesthetic onesWooden magnets ELAare not only practical tools for attaching notes and reminders, but also an eye-catcher on any metallic surface. Their simple design and the natural texture of the wood give any room a warm and organic atmosphere. Thanks to their versatility, the magnets can be used in different rooms and in different ways: in the kitchen, for example, they can be used to hang shopping lists or postcards on the refrigerator. In the study, they are ideal for organizing important documents or as an inspiring pin board. The natural beauty of wood harmonizes well with modern materials such as metal or glass and complements a modern, functional interior.


Timeless wooden magnets

Timeless wooden magnets are elegant and durable accessories that add a special touch to any room. With their natural charm and simple design, they suit various interior design styles and are always up-to-date regardless of current trends. The high-quality workmanship of the wood makes them robust and hard-wearing magnets that maintain their aesthetics over the years. Timeless wooden magnets are versatile and reliably hold notes, photos and important documents on metal surfaces. They are an elegant way to create order and clarity and bring a warm and organic atmosphere to any home or office.


Moderne Magnete

Oak wood magnets

Our oak wood magnets combine the natural beauty and robustness of this high-quality wood with the functionality of magnets. The timeless design and warm color of oak wood fit perfectly with modern furnishing styles as well as classic interiors. TheMagnets ELAare versatile and easily hold notes, photos, shopping lists and much more on magnetic surfaces. Their handy size makes them practical for use in the office, in the kitchen, in the home office or as a decorative element on refrigerators or magnetic boards. Oak wood magnets are not only functional, but also an attractive and natural accessory that enhances the room.


Round wooden magnets for the kitchen, office, etc.

The round wooden magnets are practical and aesthetic accessories for the kitchen, office and many other rooms. With their minimalist design and the natural beauty of wood, they bring a warm and pleasant atmosphere to any room. The round magnets are ideal for attaching notes, shopping lists, photos or other important documents to magnetic surfaces. They are versatile and stick reliably to refrigerators, magnetic boards or metal doors. The handy size of the wooden magnets makes them practical and easy to handle. With the round wooden magnets you can organize your everyday life and at the same time bring a touch of natural elegance to your rooms.


Accessories for your magnetic board

By using the minimalist ELA wooden magnets, you can create a subtle contrast while maintaining a calm and balanced atmosphere. The small wooden magnets look particularly good on our modern, minimalistMagnetic board TAVOmade of metal. This simple design gives every room a modern and attractive flair. The magnetic board can be used in many ways and serves as a practical and stylish element for organizing and planning in everyday life. With their powder-coated, magnetic surface, notes, photos and other important documents can be easily and quickly attached using the wooden magnets without having to resort to glue or other fasteners. This represents a more environmentally friendly alternative to conventional notepads or sticky notes. Whether in the office, living room, hallway or kitchen - with the TAVO magnetic board made of metal and the aesthetic ELA wooden magnets, you can keep an eye on everything important and never forget any more to-dos .