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Sweet dreams in a modern baby cradle

The classic baby cradle is usually made of wood, painted white and the lying surface is surrounded by white bars and the headboard has a curtain. But there is another way: In contrast to the traditional models, numerous modern baby cradles have conquered the market.

Modern baby cradles in numerous designs and with many functions

Modern baby cradles are not only a practical bed for the little ones, but also an absolute eye-catcher and at the same time a great decorative element.

In addition to wood, other materials are also used in modern baby cradles. The baskets are made of felt, mesh or a woven basket. There are also hardly any limits when it comes to designs: modern baby cradles are available in the design of a small car or as a moon. Hanging cradles are also very popular. So the little ones can enjoy their afternoon nap floating freely in a hammock or a hanging basket.

In addition to different designs, modern baby cradles are equipped with numerous electrical gadgets. In addition to classic models with wheels, an adjustable height and an anti-tip function, there are models with an electric rocking mechanism. So you don't have to rock yourself, your baby will be gently rocked to sleep automatically.

Buying a modern baby cradle – this is what you should pay attention to

Of course, functionality is the main focus of modern baby cradles. When buying, you should not only pay attention to the appearance of a cradle, but also consider a few practical things to ensure that your little darling is comfortable:

  • The cradle should be safe and stable. Rocking is of course allowed, but not so much that the cradle tips over.
  • Depending on the model, modern baby cradles take up a lot of space. With a large, round cradle, there must be enough space so that the cradle is easily accessible and does not appear squeezed into the room.
  • Modern baby cradles that attach to the ceiling and swing freely like a hammock or swing are beautiful. However, you should keep in mind that these are not mobile and cannot be moved around the apartment. Do you want the cradle to be in the living room during the day and in the room at night?bedroomIf you are using it, you should make sure that you choose a cradle that can be easily moved. Particularly delicate, small and light cradles or cradles with wheels are suitable here.
  • Last but not least, the exterior of the cradle obviously plays a role. Because the cradle should match the furnishing style. White wood or a cradle made of solid wood radiate naturalness and warmth and go well with a rustic interior style such as the country house style or a simple Scandinavian interior. A metal baby cradle is more suitable for a cool and modern interior design style. A black metal cradle also fits in wellIndustrial style living room.

Your baby cradle from Metallbude

AtMetal shackyou will find a modern baby cradle made of black steel. It is elegant and a real eye-catcher and at the same time delicate, so that it fits harmoniously into the overall picture.

Thanks to the delicate rods made of black metal, it fits wonderfully into an industrial-style living room.

As an insert for the pretty cradle bed, we have a Moses basket in dove gray or cream white in our range, in which your baby will sleep wonderfully. Particularly practical: The basket can later be used to store toys, as a doll's bed or as a laundry basket.

Modern baby cradles and other furniture from Metallbude

In addition to the modern baby cradle, you will find other pieces of furniture for a modern andminimalisticInterior style or oneBlack and white interior. The baby cradles are made to order in Germany. They are also family-friendly and robust. Depending on the product, you can specify special dimensions or order the product in white so that it fully meets your needs.

Order your modern metal baby cradle here.