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Serve, decorate and live in style - metal trays are a must for your decor

A metal tray is the ultimate decorative accessory and at the same time incredibly functional. The all-rounders not only serve to safely transport dishes and all kinds of drinks and snacks, but are also real beauties if you equip them with the right decoration. You can find out why a metal tray should not be missing in your household, which color and shape is right for you, in which rooms and in which style you should use it and howMetal shack.

Advantages of a metal tray

What trays are used for is literally obvious and that is probably the biggest advantage of a tray: it brings large quantities of food and drinks from one place to another. It supports structured service for friends, guests or customers in the catering industry. It saves you from running multiple times and leaves you more time for other things.

Due to their nature, metal trays are very stable and do not dent or bend easily. They can easily survive a fall and are also easy to clean. In addition to practical serving aids, metal trays are real decorative all-rounders. You can redesign, reposition and adapt it to your current taste as you wish. Equip it with decorative figures, candles or plants and place it in different rooms, depending on where and how you want to showcase it. Metal trays always exude a subtle and modern look that underlines your living style.

World of shapes and colors of metal trays

Trays come in all sorts of colors and shapes. From high-gloss silver to muted or matt colors, there are no limits to your imagination. When it comes to shape, round, oval and square shapes are very popular. But more abstract shapes are also finding more and more space in our homes. However, these are usually not used for serving, but as a decorative item.

The most common are rectangular shapes, like the DAVA serving tray from Metallbude. It has reliably attached handles that remain dimensionally stable, no matter how many drinks you place on the tray. The model is ideal as a serving aid and breakfast tray. This might make your next breakfast in bed a little more crumb-free. The DAVA model is available in white, beige and black. These colors fit effortlessly into any interior style. If you want to use the tray primarily as a decorative plate, we recommend the SIVA metal decorative tray. This is made of metal and is available in different colors. The unusual abstract shape offers a great base for, for exampleblack metal decoration, vases or block candles.

Metal trays guarantee versatile use in different rooms

  • Living room:There are even several places where a tray can fit. Firstly, asDecoration on the coffee table, on the other hand, on the sofa itself. This is particularly good if you don't have space for a coffee table. If you place it on a side table, fill it with candles, flowers, magazines, for example, or use it as a useful place for the remote control.
  • Bedroom:On the bedside table, the tray serves as a place for glasses, a watch, a cell phone or a book. Also equip it with a small bedside lamp, for example.
  • Bathroom:Creams or cosmetics can quickly find their place on a metal tray. Jewelry can also be placed there aesthetically before going to sleep or showering.
  • Corridor:The tray can serve as a place to store bits and bobs such as keys, wallets or letters. This way you can take off your shoes in peace
  • Kitchen:Use a metal tray for spices, fresh fruit and vegetables or to present tea and coffee attractively. You also have the tray ready to hand if you want to serve something.

This is how you integrate your metal tray into any style

Match your high-quality metal tray to your living style:

  • Industrial style:Dark colors, such as black or anthracite, should determine the look. Be sure to choose a tray with powder-coated metal in black.
  • Scandi look:The Scandi look is clean. Therefore, choose colors such as white or beige and combine your tray with matching candles. This is how you can breathe life and warmth into the Nordic style.
  • Modern:Clear lines and muted colors are modern. It is therefore best to choose a straight, square metal tray in black or white.

Buy metal trays at Metallbude

The useful and versatile home accessories are a must-have in your household. Multifunctional and timeless, they enrich your everyday life and don't take up much space. Bring a little more decoration into your life with metal trays from Metallbude and benefit from further advantages:

  • Custom-made products from Metallbude are Made in Germany and handmade,
  • modern and minimalist furniture harmonize with different interior styles.

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