Beige Metal Shelf

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Metal shelf in beige: practical and multi-faceted

A beige metal shelf represents a modern and clear living style and offers numerous facets. Whether as a wall shelf, standing shelf or practical corner shelf: it is a practical piece of furniture that can be used in a variety of ways.

Features of a beige metal shelf

Thanks to their material, beige metal shelves are robust and easy to clean. Models made of stainless steel are particularly durable and load-bearing. They are therefore ideal for storing heavy items such as books, folders or boxes. In addition to functionality, they also offer a great design. They are elegant and can be used in a variety of ways thanks to their reduced look. Open models radiate lightness. Beige metal shelves are available as:

  • Wall shelf
  • Standing shelf
  • Corner shelf
  • Bottle and wine rack

Beige metal shelf: versatile

Whether in the living room, in the dining area, in the bathroom or in the bedroom: beige metal shelves are perfect organizers that take up little space and are suitable for every room.

Beige metal shelves complement the wall unit in the living room

In the living room, for example, a beige metal shelf can be used as a (ceiling-high) bookcase. In a living room with a sloping ceiling, low shelves are particularly suitable so that the space under the sloping ceiling can be optimally used and these corners can be furnished in a homely manner. No matter how it is used: together with a coffee table in beige, some blankets in pastel green or dark blue, you can create a cozy living room.

Beige metal shelves are not only suitable for storing items in the living room, but can also be used as a room divider. For example, the living and dining areas can be separated from each other or it can be used to visually separate the workplace from the living room. A low shelf with green plants is not only functional, but also improves the indoor climate. Tall, open models are also suitable as room dividers, as their open character means no light is taken away.

Beige metal shelf is perfect place for fresh herbs in the kitchen

In the kitchen, a beige metal shelf is suitable as a household shelf and is the perfect place to store potatoes or wine bottles. Fresh herbs also work very well there. With its beige color, the kitchen shelf fits most furnishings in white, wood or other colors and blends in with the kitchen furniture thanks to its simple and unobtrusive character. A black metal shelf with rough wood is suitable for an industrial style kitchen.

Stylish storage space for make-up etc. with a beige metal shelf in the bathroom

A beige metal shelf in the bathroom provides variety between the otherwise often white bathroom furniture and fits in with many interiors thanks to its simple color. Thanks to the compact and clever design, they don't take up much space and yet offer plenty of storage space for toothbrushes, care products, make-up utensils and bathing textiles such as towels. In addition, models made of stainless steel are particularly durable.

If the piece of furniture is decorated with natural sponge, a glass with bath bombs and beautifully draped towels, it is a special highlight. In addition to functionality, it exudes coziness and transforms the bathroom into a small wellness oasis.

Everything is in its place in the office thanks to the beige metal shelf

A metal shelf in the office offers plenty of storage space and creates order so that everything is at hand. Everything has its place here: from important documents to writing utensils to heavy folders, which are perfectly stored there thanks to its load capacity. The clean lines of such a shelf and the color beige fit perfectly into a Scandi-style office.

Set up a beige metal shelf

In order for delicate metal shelves in beige to develop their effect, they should not be overcrowded. Instead, regardless of whether the shelf is used as a filing cabinet, bookcase or kitchen shelf, free areas should always be integrated and an entire compartment should not be filled with heavy objects. With a variety of books, candle holders and small sculptures, it can be perfectly staged, retains its lightness and becomes a real eye-catcher.

Beige metal shelf as a wall or standing shelf

Beige metal shelves are availableMetal shackas a standing shelf or wall shelf. Both shelves impress with their minimalist design and elegance. In addition to their functionality as a storage place, they are also suitable for skillfully showcasing everyday objects and decorative elements.

High-quality metal furniture in industrial design

The delicate and elegant products from Metallbude are characterized by minimalism and go well with industrial style furnishings. The products are high quality and made by hand. Aside from that:

  • Custom-made products are produced in Germany.
  • Depending on the product, individual dimensions can be specified or the color white can be selected.