Metal Candle Holder

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ivory nougat note linen grey soft clay raw black + 2 more

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Black White Cashew

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Ivory Nougat note Linen Grey Soft Clay Raw black + 2 more

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Minimalist candlesticks for your home

A contemporary metal candlestick is a modern addition to any interior. Its clean lines and minimalist design add a stylish touch to any room. The metal material ensures a resilient structure and durability, while the metallic surface exudes a contemporary shine. Modern design goes hand in hand with functionality, and thatCandlestick NOAis no exception. It offers a secure base for different types of candles such asTaper candlesorWhip candlesand its magnetic properties enable versatile combination options. As a modern metal candlestick, it adds subtle elegance to any room and creates a pleasant atmosphere thanks to the warm candlelight.


Modern & cozy: metal candlesticks

Our minimalist candlestick NOA presents itself as an exclusive home accessory made of high-quality, powder-coated metal. Its simple yet attractive design fits seamlessly into modern interiors. NOA embodies the quintessence of minimalism and elegance. Thanks to first-class metal processing, the candlestick not only offers stability, but also aesthetic value. The contemporary look results from its special surface and clear design. The powder coating also gives it resistance to scratches and durability. Whether placed in the living room, sleeping area or on the dining table - the metal candlestick creates an inviting and cozy atmosphere anywhere.


A metal candlestick – many possibilities

Our candlestick sets, consisting of metalCandlestick NOAand theCoaster KIVAor thatDecorative tray SIVA, enrich your home with high-quality and minimalist accessories. The metal candlestick can be placed in many ways to add decorative accents and create a cozy atmosphere:

  • Table decoration: Use the candlestick as an eye-catcher on the dining table, a console or a side table.
  • Shelf and showcase: Place the candlestick on shelves or in showcases to create visual contrasts and highlight special objects.
  • Outdoor enjoyment: The candle holders suitable for outdoor use give the terrace, balcony or garden a warm atmosphere. Placed on tables, railings or next to seating, they create an inviting outdoor atmosphere.

Kerzenständer aus Metall in schwarz

Black metal candlestick

A black metal candlestick is a timeless and elegant home accessory. With its dark color and robust material, it gives every room a sophisticated touch. Its clean lines and shapes fit well with various interior styles, from modern to classic. The metal candlestick not only offers a safe place for candles, but also serves as a decorative element. Whether on the dining table, in the living room decoration or as a highlight on a console - a black metal candlestick creates a warm and inviting atmosphere through the soft candlelight and at the same time sets an elegant accent.


For bright rooms: white and beige metal candlestick

A white or beige metal candlestick is perfect for bright rooms. The subtle choice of colors blends harmoniously into a light-flooded environment and enhances the airy atmosphere. Both white and beige bring calm and lightness to the room. The metal candlestick complements this brightness with its subtle elegance and creates a pleasant balance between functionality and aesthetics. The clean lines and simple design fit well with modern interiors and fit seamlessly into various decoration concepts. A white or beige candlestick creates a warm and inviting atmosphere in a bright room.


Our NOA metal candlestick offers you these advantages

A minimalist candlestick made of powder-coated metal offers a wealth of benefits. The powder coating gives the chandelier a durable surface that protects against scratches and wear. This ensures long-lasting aesthetics and durability. The simple design of the chandelier suits different furnishing styles and makes it versatile. The combination of metal and minimalism gives the room a modern aesthetic and calm. The solid metal construction ensures stability and safety when using candles. The minimalist candlestick integrates seamlessly into various decors and creates a subtle, yet effective atmosphere through the soft light of the candles.