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Hundebett Rova kombiniert weißes Metall mit beiger Matratze | Metallbude

Modern metal dog beds

Modern metal dog beds are a stylish and functional addition to any dog's home. With their contemporary design, they fit seamlessly into modern furnishing concepts and at the same time offer a comfortable rest area for your four-legged friend. The sturdy metal frame ensures stability and durability, while the elevated position of the bed allows for better air circulation and insulates the dog from cold floors. The metal beds are available in different sizes to suit the needs of different dog breeds. The easy cleaning of the metal frames makes them particularly easy to care for. Modern metal dog beds combine comfort and aesthetics and offer your beloved pet a cozy retreat in their own home.

Modern dog beds with dog cushions

Raised metal dog beds with dog cushions offer a variety of advantages for your four-legged friend and you as a dog owner:

  • Orthopedic comfort: The raised lying surface relieves pressure on the dog's joints and bones, which is particularly beneficial for older dogs or dogs with joint sensitivity.
  • Better air circulation: The elevated position of the bed allows for better air circulation, which ensures a comfortable sleeping environment.
  • Protection from cold floors: The metal frame insulates the dog from cold floors, which is particularly pleasant in cooler seasons.
  • Easy to Clean: The metal construction is easy to wipe clean and allows for easy cleaning.
  • Stylish design: The modern design in combination with the dog cushion blends harmoniously into the decor of your home and gives the room an aesthetic touch.

Stylish for the dog: minimalist dog bed

Our elevated dog bedsBEXandROVAmade of metal are the perfect choice for modern and minimalist designs. The powder-coated metal not only gives them a robust construction, but also an attractive look. The simple design harmonizes ideally with a modern interior style and gives the room an elegant and sophisticated touch. The powder-coated metal ensures durability and resists scratches and impacts. The elevated position provides comfort and functionality by allowing good air circulation and protecting your dog from cold floors. The comfortable padding offers cozy sleep and relaxation. With BEX and ROVA, we offer modern dog beds that are both practical and aesthetically pleasing.

Back-friendly dog ​​cushion with metal frame

A back-friendly dog ​​cushion with a metal frame offers numerous benefits for the dog's health and well-being. The robust metal frame provides a stable and durable base, while the ergonomic shape of the cushion relieves strain on the dog's back and joints. The orthopedic effect offers optimal support for older or joint-sensitive dogs. The soft and supportive material of the pillow adapts to the shape of the dog's body and promotes a restful sleep. The back-friendly dog ​​cushion with a metal frame is a healthy and comfortable sleeping option that increases the well-being and quality of life of your beloved four-legged friend.

Elevated dog bed in black and white

Thanks to their minimalist design and their reduced color palette to black and white, our raised metal dog beds fit into different interior styles:

  • Modern furnishing styles: White or black metal dog beds harmonize perfectly with modern furnishing styles that are characterized by clear lines, minimalist design and simple elegance.
  • Industrial interior style: The metallic colors go well with an industrial style characterized by rough materials and urban charm.
  • Scandinavian furnishing style: The simple and minimalist design of the dog beds complements the Scandinavian style, which is characterized by bright colors and natural materials.
  • Contemporary interior style: White or black metal dog beds also fit well with a contemporary style that incorporates current trends and modern elements in the interior.