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Simple and modern – towel rails in white for your bathroom

As obvious as they are, they are just as useful. Towel rails in white enrich our everyday lives every day and most of the time we don't even notice it. Without them we would look pretty stupid after washing our hands. We would probably drip all over the floor until we found a suitable towel in the bathroom cabinet. At Metallbude you will find white towel rails in different designs. With us you will also find out why you should choose a white towel rail and how to combine them correctly in your bathroom. Let's go!

That's why a white towel rail is a must-have for your home

  • Towels dry very quickly on towel rails if they are hung neatly.
  • Thanks to their fixed mounting on the ceiling or wall, towel rails are very stable and can withstand greater weight.
  • You can install as many towel rails as you like in different places and positions, depending on your needs.
  • Towel rails in white fit into almost every bathroom due to their simple and clean color.
  • You can choose white towel rails in different lengths to create space for larger and small towels.

The right material is crucial for your white towel rail

White towel bars can be made of different materials. Wood is a popular material. However, make sure that it is well coated so that moisture does not penetrate. The most popular and suitable material for a towel bar is metal. This can be chrome-plated, made of stainless steel or powder-coated. The last variant is particularly modern. The NALI towel holder, for example, looks great next to the sink and always ensures that there are enough towels available.

Tip:Hang your white towel rail at a height of between 85 and 95 cm. This is about half of an average height and corresponds to the height of standard sinks.

White towel rails in different designs

It may be hard to believe, but the simple towel rail is available in many different designs:

  • Mounted on the ceiling: Yes, you heard that right! The variant in which you mount your towel rack on the ceiling is a bit extravagant but space-saving and super modern. The TENSI towel holder from Metallbude is available in different sizes. Attached offset to the ceiling, it is a real eye-catcher and offers space for many towels.
  • Standing: The standing version offers the advantage that no holes have to be drilled in the wall or ceiling. You can also place them anywhere in the room and move them around if necessary.
  • Mounted on the wall: Here you can choose between a model that can be glued on or a model that has to be drilled into the wall. We recommend drilling because it is more invasive but much more stable than gluing. You can also attach your towel rail vertically or horizontally to the wall. This is also the case with the VANA towel holder from Metallbude. Some wall-mounted towel racks can be adjusted in height, extendable or swivel.

Combine towel rails in white correctly

• Scandi style: For this style, white is the perfect choice! Choose a white towel rail that you can mount on the wall or ceiling, depending on your taste. Combine these with natural materials, such as raffia baskets or pampas grass.

• Modern: A modern bathroom is simple and minimalist. It's best to continue this look with your towel rail. Choose a simple, white towel rail that you mount horizontally next to your sink.

• Industrial style: Here, a white towel rail is only useful as a contrast to the otherwise dark style. If you stay true to the industrial style, you can choose a black towel rail and complement it with wooden elements or other metal elements.

Buy a white towel rail from Metallbude

The towel rails from Metallbude are so simple, so necessary and elegant. Refurbish your bathroom and order your furniture from Metallbude. Benefit from further advantages:

  • modern and minimalist furniture harmonize with different furnishing styles,
  • Custom-made products from Metallbude are Made in Germany and handmade,
  • You receive free shipping within Germany for orders over €150.

Buy your towel rail in white from Metallbude now!