White Towel Stand

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White metal towel racks

To ensure that the towel is always within reach after the bath or shower, towel holders are indispensable. In addition to hooks, a rail or a ring, white towel racks in the bathroom are a great alternative and a beautiful eye-catcher in your bathroom. Because you shouldn’t underestimate the effect of bathroom accessories to create a cozy feel-good and wellness atmosphere.

White towel racks for large bathrooms

If you have a sufficiently large bathroom, you should think about a towel stand as an alternative to a towel holder. Because this gives your bathroom an elegant look. In addition, towel racks can be moved flexibly and wet towels dry faster on a towel rack. In contrast to oneTowel rack on the wall, you don't need to drill holes in the tiles for a towel rack, as towel racks are free-standing and stand on one foot on the floor.

Bathroom: Towel rack in light colors

White towel racks are often made of metal. Chrome and stainless steel are water-resistant and hardly wear, even with frequent use. This makes these materials particularly durable. Instead of a white towel stand, a powder-coated one would also workTowel stand in blackgood in a modern or minimalist bathroom. Towel racks made of wood or with wooden elements go well with a Scandinavian style. Forged iron towel racks complete a Mediterranean interior.

In addition to different materials, there are towel stands in different designs and looks. For example, the foot can differ and be round, square or oval. There are also models that have no feet at all and are leaned against the wall as a white towel ladder.

The different models also differ in the number of rods. Some have only one crossbar that can only hold one towel. Other models have several rods on which the whole family's towels can be hung to dry.

What to look for when buying a white towel rail

With the right towel rack you can give your bathroom a great look. So that you can really enjoy this great bathroom accessory, there are a few things you should keep in mind. The towel rail should

  • match the style of your bathroom and harmonize with the rest of the furnishings.
  • The size fits into your bathroom. Therefore, you should measure the space carefully.
  • made of water-resistant material. With metal towel racks, you should make sure that the metal does not rust due to the high humidity in the bathroom. Models made of chrome or stainless steel are suitable for this. A wooden towel stand should be painted accordingly so that it does not warp, swell or crack.
  • be sufficiently stable so that it does not tip over when the towel is removed or hung up or accidentally touched. However, it shouldn't be too heavy, otherwise you won't be able to move it when cleaning the bathroom.
  • be easy to care for, so all you have to do is wipe it with a wet cloth.
  • If provided with glass elements, be break-proof.

Towel hangs ready to hand with a white towel stand from Metallbude

At Metallbude you will find several towel holders in white. They form a great contrast to one anotherBathroom in black, with different elements such as individual cabinets, shelves or an existing oneTowel rail in black. All towel stands are designed in a modern minimalist design and in most cases offer space for several towels.

There are also free-standing models and models that are attached to the wall or ceiling. Depending on the product, you can specify individual dimensions at Metallbude. Custom-made products are then produced in Germany.

Here you can find the white towel racks fromMetal shack.