Black Towel Stand

Must-have in modern bathrooms: black towel racks

Black towel racks offer you a lot of extra comfort in your household. You may not notice them as often or may often walk past them without thinking about them. But if they were gone, it would be noticed very quickly. You definitely need a place where you can hang your towels neatly after showering or washing your hands. You can find out what advantages a free-standing towel stand offers you, which versions you can choose, what you should pay attention to and how you can integrate them into your styleMetal shack.

Advantages of black towel racks

Reasons why a black towel rack in yourminimalist bathroomnot to be missed, there are plenty of them. Black towel racks orblack towel laddersare elegant and versatile. They are not just everyday items, but can be used as a decorative element. Since a towel stand has several arms, towels can dry easily on it and air circulation is guaranteed. This way you avoid unpleasant smells. Unlike towel rails in the bathroom, free-standing towel racks are not attached to the wall or ceiling. This means you don't create any holes in your wall and you don't need any tools for installation. They can be rearranged as desired and used in other rooms, for example as a clothes rack or wardrobe. This means that not only towels, but also clothing and accessories always find a place.

Black towel racks in different designs

Towel racks come in different shapes, materials and sizes. For example, you can choose between a towel stand with just one or several bars that are movable, swiveling or fixed, depending on the model. The arms are often attached at different heights so that the towels can dry better, as is the case with the DELAYA model from Metallbude. Some towel racks even have additional compartments for bathroom accessories. Static models with fixed arms are particularly suitable for slightly larger bathrooms. Swivel arms are suitable for smaller bathrooms because they can be draped to save space and still have room for many towels. Towel stands that are placed on the wall, such as the ESTINA towel ladder from Metallbude, are also practical and space-saving. When it comes to materials, all doors are open to you. Choose between wood (e.g. bamboo), plastic or metal such as chrome or stainless steel. Models made of metal are particularly popular because they are not only hard-wearing and long-lasting, but also embody a modern and minimalist design. When making your selection, pay attention to the following points in addition to the design:

  • stability of the base,
  • the right size of the towel holder for the desired number of towels,
  • the distances between the bars so that the towels can dry well,
  • moisture-repellent material.
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