Metal Towel Ladder

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Metal towel ladders are functional eye-catchers

Metal towel ladders are two in one: They offer a practical and uncomplicated solution for your towels and are functional towel holders that offer space for several towels at the same time. AtMetal shackYou will find great towel ladders that are also a decorative item and an absolute eye-catcher for youmodern bathroomare.

Metal towel ladder is a practical solution for keeping your bathroom tidy

Many bathrooms don't have enough space for wet towels. They are hung over the edge of the tub or left on the floor. This quickly creates chaos and a messy impression. Although towel hooks are a practical solution, they are not always suitable for wet towels. Since they dry so slowly, metal towel ladders are a good solution. The crossbars offer space for several towels that can be spread out to dry here.

In addition, no assembly is necessary for towel ladders. A ladder can be easily set up without having to drill holes. This is particularly practical in rented apartments, as there is no stress with the landlord about holes in the tiles when you move out. At the same time, these towel holders are particularly flexible and can be changed quickly. Towel ladders can also be used in other rooms, especially in the bedroom, to hang up clothes.

Industrial style and loft charm - metal towel ladder fits different interior styles

Depending on the material, towel ladders suit different interior design styles. For a country house style interior, you should opt for a wooden towel ladder. A metal towel ladder, on the other hand, fits perfectlyIndustrial styleand to loft style. Since they are usually particularly delicately made, they are also suitable for a minimalist bathroom. This includes, for example, a delicate oneTowel ladder in blackor made of white or beige metal, which is also a great design element for your bathroom.

Metal towel ladder for large bathrooms

So that you can enjoy your metal towel ladder, there are a few things you should consider when purchasing it. You definitely need a free wall or at least a piece of wall in the bathroom that has nothing in front of it or on which nothing is hanging, otherwise you won't be able to lean the ladder against it. Of course, there must also be enough space, as the lower area of ​​the ladder is a few centimeters away from the wall and therefore protrudes into the room. Therefore, towel ladders are usually more suitable for large bathrooms than small ones. When purchasing, you should also make sure that the ladder visually matches your bathroom furnishings and the corresponding furnishing style.

Everything for your towel: towel ladder and the like from Metallbude

No matter whether oneTowel ladder in whiteor a towel ladder in black, Metallbude is the right place for you if you are looking for towel racks for your bathroom. In addition to the modern towel ladder, you can find other products for your bathroom at Metallbude. How about a shower shelf that can also be installed without drilling or a particularly elegant, free-standing oneTowel stand in blackor a delicate and minimalist toilet paper holder?

The following applies to all Metallbude products:

  • The products are handmade.
  • The products are manufactured to a high quality.
  • The products impress with their modern, minimalist design.
  • Depending on the product, you can specify individual dimensions or choose the color white.
  • Custom-made products are produced in Germany.
  • Free shipping for orders over 150 EUR in Germany.