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Hanging console in white gives priority to decoration

A hanging console in white is an extremely versatile piece of furniture. Thanks to the subtle color, it fades into the background so that decorations, picture frames and other objects are shown to their best advantage. At the same time, it can be used in a variety of ways and offers added value in every room.

White wall console offers convincing design and functionality

White is a particularly neutral and simple color that goes well with all interior styles. No matter whether in your four wallsScandi styleor another style prevails: You can't go wrong with a white hanging console. It makes the wall appear larger and provides more brightness in the room. When mounted on a white wall, white hanging consoles are almost invisible and your decoration comes into its own. On colored walls, however, you can use them to create atmospheric effects or showcase the shelf itself.

In addition, white is timeless and pure, so you can choose a white hanging consolemodern sideboardcreate a place where photos and pictures, small decorative objects and books find a nice place. But white consoles impress not only with their design, but also with their functionality. Thanks to their hanging properties, the floor space remains free. So you can also use this piece of furniture in small rooms and create storage space there.

White metal hanging console with wooden element

A light wall console fits into practically every room. Here's how you can use them in the different rooms:

  • Living room: In the living room you can use the white hanging console for storage and as wall decoration. It loosens up the atmosphere and lets you share the seating area with youwhite coffee tableappear brighter. Plants on the console create an exciting contrast between green and white. You can set visual accents with vases, plates and picture frames in yellow, orange or purple. Grey, pastel blue and soft pink, on the other hand, appear softer and more harmonious.
  • Hallway: A white hanging console in the hallway next to the coat rack creates space for accessories such as hats and scarves and you can use it as a place to store keys, cell phones and mail. Here too, you can add accents with decorative items in lively colors. A black lamp and black objects create a particularly elegant look. This fitsShoe rack in whiteand you have already decorated your hallway.
  • bath: White represents cleanliness and purity and is therefore a popular color for bathroom furniture. A white hanging console also fits perfectly into the picture and harmonizes particularly well with white tiles. This way you can create storage space for cosmetics etc. You can also store your hygiene products in a hanging console with drawers so that guests who use your bathroom cannot see them.
  • Kitchen: White shelves in the kitchen are absolute classics. They go well with a white kitchen, but also with wooden fronts and modern kitchen cabinets with strong colors. The same applies to a white hanging console in which you can store spices etc. and on which you can display fresh herbs or wine bottles.


Floating lightness: white hanging console at Metallbude

AtMetal shackyou can find it next towhite console tablesalso a white hanging console, which is an eye-catcher in every room. It impresses with its delicately crafted metal and comes with a wooden insert that gives the console warmth. Nevertheless, it is particularly simple and timeless and creates a floating impression due to its delicate design.

Like all products at Metallbude, the wall console is manufactured to a high quality and handmade.

In addition

  • Custom-made products are produced in Germany.
  • Depending on the product, you can specify individual dimensions or choose a different color.

Order your hanging wall console in white or other metal furniture in a modern, minimalist design here.