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Coat rack in black - suitable for every room

Metal furniture gives rooms a modern touch and can be easily integrated into various furnishing styles. Black metal furniture in particular, such as a black coat rack, is functional, versatile and stylish. They are definitely one of the living trends for 2022. The models differ in design, installation options and dimensions. Black wardrobe rails are therefore real all-rounders in terms of furnishings.

Metal coat rack in black

The wardrobe rails fromMetal shackare available in different colors. However, the color black is particularly popular. This sets great accents, for example in an otherwise brighter interior. But the black metal tone also goes perfectly with a very masculine or darker interior.

As with all clothes rails from Metallbude, the shape of the black clothes rail can also be selected. This way you can decide whether a round pipe or a square pipe fits into your interior. Depending on the product, the dimensions of the wardrobe rail can also be selected. So we make your wardrobe rail according to your individual dimensions. With us you have the freedom - depending on the product - to decide on the tube shape, color and length of your wardrobe rail. By the way: We produce almost all of our products in Germany.

Black coat rack with ceiling mounting

The special thing about black metal wardrobe rails is their versatility. So it suits an enormous number of very different onesfurnishing styles. For example, they score points in Scandi or country house style in combination with the color beige or other earth tones. They also stylishly complement the furnishings in industrial style or in very minimalist rooms. Black metal wardrobe rails are also available in combination with wood. This mix of materials creates an absolute eye-catcher in the room and combines the cooler material metal with warm wood.

Black wardrobe rails can also be combined with other colors and pieces of furniture. For example, they go well with other hallway furniture, such as oneBlack metal shoe rackor white. In the bathroom you can use black clothes rails with toilet paper holders that are also blackTowel holders for the bathroombe combined. Black coat racks also create an exclusive and luxurious atmosphere in the dressing room. You'll feel like you're in your own clothing boutique. You can also get one hereClothes rail with ceiling mountingbe thought of. This also saves you space.

Combine and assemble wardrobe rails in black

Our black wardrobe rails can be mounted in different ways. You can choose from ceiling or wall mounting, for example. If you prefer not to drill into your walls or ceilings, we also have alternatives for you. A free-standing black metal clothes rack or a black towel rack to lean against the wall could be something for you. You can get matching black coat hooks or hangers from us. Would you like something a little more colorful? Then opt for ones in contrasting colorsCoat hook for the wallin white or beige.

Buy black metal wardrobe rails online

Black metal wardrobe rails are universally applicable and can be easily integrated into many styles. The clarity means you can immediately see where your favorite item of clothing is hanging, saving you a long search and stress. Cloakroom rails save space and are therefore perfect for smaller rooms. They can also be installed in the room as desired, giving you even more flexibility in your furnishings. Benefit from further advantages when you order your wardrobe rail from us:

Your advantages at Metallbude:

  • Design: modern and minimalist
  • High quality
  • Choose individual dimensions or colors (depending on the product).

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