Ceiling mounted Wardrobe

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Coat rack for ceiling mounting

In many entrance areas you can find clothes racks or coat racks that are attached to the wall. If you like something a little more unusual, you can opt for a ceiling-mounted wardrobe. Two longitudinal struts are attached to the ceiling, the ends of which are connected to a crossbar. Such a wardrobe is a real eye-catcher, looks more like a sculptural decorative piece and skilfully highlights your jackets and coats. It is also ideal as a clothes railbedroom.

Ceiling mounted wardrobe creates more space

A ceiling-mounted coat rack is an absolute eye-catcher and fits any interior style. With it you can make optimal use of the space in the entrance area. It is particularly space-saving because, in contrast to many other wardrobes or clothes racks, it takes up little space. The floor below the hanging wardrobe remains free. On the one hand, this makes cleaning easier, and on the other hand, it creates space for other pieces of furniture such as a console or a shoe rack. With a wardrobe from the ceiling you can include previously unused corners. Due to its space-saving nature, such a wardrobe is particularly suitable for a small hallway with little space. At the same time, a ceiling-mounted coat rack gives the entrance area a sense of spaciousness. Of course, such a wardrobe also fits into a spacious hallway. Here it is also optically something special that shows off your jackets and coats.

Ceiling mounted wardrobe: clothes rail, hooks and hangers from Metallbude

You can find a wardrobe for ceiling mounting atMetal shacka slim clothes rail with a minimalist look. Thanks to the black metal and its simplicity, like all of our furniture, it fits you perfectlyIndustrial style hallway. There it is a real eye-catcher and your jackets and coats are not only hung up here, but also elegantly presented.

You can hang your jackets and coats on our modern S-hooks. Unlike ordinary S-hooks, these are equipped with a leather loop that you can use to attach them to the clothes rail. A great mix of materials that gives your wardrobe even more exclusivity and style.

At Metallbude you will also find clothes hangers that fit our clothes rail perfectly. They are made of plastic - so that the clothes rail is not scratched - and at the same time very stable, so that even heavy winter coats can safely fit on them.

Cloakrooms for ceiling mounting and other furniture for your apartment at Metallbude

In addition to unusual wardrobe ideas, at Metallbude you will find other pieces of furniture and accessories that will transform your hallway into a cozy entrance area where you immediately feel at home. Our simple shoe rack and practical console pair perfectly with a black metal ceiling mount coat rack. At Metallbude you will also find numerous other pieces of furniture that go perfectly with industrial style furnishings and give your apartment minimalist elegance.

The products are processed carefully and to a high quality. Since the production process is in our hands, we can supply you with certain pieces of furniture in individual dimensions. If you prefer to receive our furniture in white instead of black, this is not a problem. When ordering, you can easily choose which color you want your furniture to have. Our products are manufactured in Europe - custom-made in Germany.

Order a ceiling-mounted wardrobe and other furniture for your entrance area here.