Wardrobe made of Wall Hooks

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A coat rack made of wall hooks

Coat racks made of wall hooks save space and suit every interior style: whether modern or rustic, there are wall hooks to suit everyone, with which you can quickly conjure up a beautiful coat rack.

Wall hooks as a coat rack offer a lot of flexibility

Coat racks quickly seem bulky and take up a lot of space. Wall hooks as coat racks, on the other hand, save space, are simple and robust. Especially innarrow hallwaysIf you don't want to be reduced in size by a wide wardrobe, the small, stylish hooks are suitable for hanging jackets, coats, scarves, shawls and bags.

Individually determine the height of the coat rack using wall hooks

A coat rack made of wall hooks has the great advantage that the height of the coat rack can be set individually. For adults' jackets and coats and items of clothing that should remain out of reach of children, the wall hooks are attached higher up as a coat rack. Children, on the other hand, can get their own hooks at a height that suits them and hang their own jacket or coat. Over the years, the wardrobe can grow with you: the wall hooks just need to be screwed on a little further up, little by little.

Adjust the size of the wardrobe to your own needs

The size of the wardrobe can also be determined depending on the space available or the wardrobe can be divided over two walls. There are enough hooks and all items of clothing find their place. In addition, the wardrobe can be divided up so that each family member has their own area and no one can occupy someone else's hook.

The right wall hook for every furnishing style and every color concept

Wall hooks should be selected to match the interior style and the color and style should match the rest of the interior. No problem, because wall hooks are available in many different models, designs, colors and made from different materials such as wood, plastic or metal.

  • whiteCoat hook for the wallor coat hooks made of unpainted solid wood fit the simple Scandinavian interior style.
  • For oneIndustrial style hallwayWall hooks made of black metal are suitable. They give the hallway a touch of industrial charm while exuding minimalism.
  • White wall hooks with a thick head emphasize the country house style and transform the hallway into a cozy entrance area.
  • Delicate, simple wall hooks areminimalisticand fit into a no-frills interior.
  • Colorful wall hooks fit into the children's room. They add cheerfulness and playfulness to the room.
  • Wall hooks made of stainless steel are suitable for a wardrobe in the bathroom where bathrobes and towels can be stored.

Wall hook for the coat rack from Metallbude

With the PALO coat hook you will findMetal shacka minimalist coat hook that harmonizes perfectly with the rest of your interior. So you can conjure up a pretty and modern wardrobe in your hallway in no time and create it together with oneMirror with shelfthe perfect entrance area.

Furniture from Metallbude: High-quality design sustainably produced

At Metallbude you will not only find the right wall hooks for your wardrobe, but also other pieces of furniture for youIndustrial style living roomand a minimalist interior.

The furniture from Metallbude impresses with its high-quality design and is mostly manufactured in Germany and only to order. Production is therefore particularly sustainable and the products can be made to individual sizes.

The products are also from Metallbude

  • modern
  • robust
  • familyfriendly
  • Can be used in a variety of ways in all rooms

So order your coat rack made of wall hooks here!