White Bottle Rack

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A toast to your bottle rack in white

A good drink is just as much a part of a successful evening as the good company with which you enjoy it. A white bottle rack fromMetal shackNot only does it give you the opportunity to present your favorite wines in style, but its practical features also make your everyday life easier. You can now find out why this piece of furniture is a must-have in your home, which version is right for you, how you can integrate it into your living style and what you should pay attention to when buying it.

That's why a white bottle rack is essential in your home

White bottle racks are visually real eye-catchers and also fulfill an important task: the professional storage of high-quality wines. You can find more reasons for a white bottle rack here:

  • The color white is compatible with almost every interior style and therefore your white bottle rack will always fit into many rooms.
  • White wine racks are a real design highlight, especially when they are attached to the wall and thus also serve as decoration.
  • They can be wonderfully combined with othersWall shelves in kitchen, combine living room or dining room.
  • White wine racks show your favorite wines at a glance. This saves you a long search in the cellar and you have your wine right at hand.
  • Some models can even be expanded as required, so you can place wines almost endlessly.

White bottle racks in different designs

Of course you have the choice between different materials, shapes and sizes. Wooden wine racks are beautiful and come in different and unusual shapes, for example in a barrel shape. However, they should definitely be kept in dry places - as wood and water do not mix particularly well - and are therefore rather unsuitable for the kitchen or basement.Metal wine racksare definitely suitable for being placed in the basement, the kitchen or even outside. Robust materials are suitable for this. Stainless steel, iron, chrome or aluminum are particularly stable and often moisture-resistant. Metal wall shelves also look great in other rooms. They harmonize perfectlyMetal wall decoration in the living room, dining room or kitchen.

This is what you should pay attention to when choosing your white bottle rack 

A white wine rack impresses primarily with its appearance. Of course, you decide for yourself what you like best and what suits you best in your home. Our bottle racks made of powder-coated metal fit perfectly into modern and minimalist interior styles. The PILARE standing rack for wine bottles not only impresses with its delicate look, but is also extremely functional. There is space for up to twelve wine bottles in this shelf and it does not need to be attached to the wall with screws or dowels. This means it can be placed flexibly in the room and does not cause holes in the wall. Functionality and location are also important. Choose a location where the temperature doesn't fluctuate too much. Additionally, wines should always be stored lying down to keep the cork moist and prevent oxidation.

These furnishing styles are particularly suitable for a white bottle rack

  • Scandi style:This style is characterized by Scandinavian coziness and serenity. And that is reflected in the furniture. A white wine rack made of wood or metal fits this style perfectly and enriches it enormously.
  • Country house style:The country house style is particularly characterized by wooden elements. Combine a white wooden bottle rack with other chests of drawers or a dining table made of solid wood and bring warmth and naturalness into your home.
  • minimalist look:Straightforwardness is required here. Metal wine racks like the VINIA model from Metallbude impress with their delicate and modern look and offer space for up to six wine bottles. A white powder coating provides even more robustness and a matt, minimalist look.

Buy your bottle rack in white from Metallbude

The bottle racks from Metallbude are particularly suitable for storing wine because the bottles are stored lying down, which keeps the cork moist and prevents the wine from oxidizing. Choose a model from Metallbude and benefit from further advantages:

  • the products are made of stable and durable material,
  • the modern and minimalist furniture harmonizes with different furnishing styles,
  • Custom-made products from Metallbude are Made in Germany and handmade,
  • From a goods value of 150 € you receive free shipping within Germany.

Buy your white bottle rack from Metallbude now!