Raised dog bowls

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Variety of designs for every taste: Our collection of raised dog bowls


Elevated dog bowls are not only a practical addition to the everyday life of dog owners, but can also improve the well-being and health of their four-legged friends. Their elevated position allows for more natural feed intake and helps improve posture. This is particularly beneficial for dogs with back problems or joint problems. The selection of high-quality materials and non-slip bases ensures not only easy cleaning, but also stability while eating or drinking. In addition, adjustable heights and stylish designs can help elevated dog bowls be integrated into the home both functionally and aesthetically.


5 reasons why raised dog bowls are good for your dog

Elevated dog bowls can provide various benefits for your dog's health and well-being. Here are five reasons why they can be good:

  1. Improved Posture: Raised dog bowls promote more natural food intake and allow for a more upright posture. This can be particularly beneficial for older dogs or those with back problems as it reduces pressure on the neck, spine and joints.
  2. Slowed food intake: Elevated bowls can help your dog eat more slowly. This is especially important for dogs who tend to devour their food hastily. Slower feed intake can prevent digestive problems and reduce the risk of stomach problems.
  3. Reducing Spills: Elevating the bowls keeps food and water at a higher level, minimizing spills and splashing of water. This is not only cleaner, but also more practical.
  4. Better airflow while eating: For dogs with breathing problems or flat facial structures (like bulldogs), raised bowls allow for improved airflow while eating. This can help minimize the risk of choking.
  5. Hygienic advantages: Because the bowls are positioned higher, they can be cleaned more easily. This supports hygiene and prevents dirt or bacteria from getting into the food or water bowl.


It is important to note that not all dogs have the same needs, and not every dog ​​will benefit from elevated bowls. It is advisable to adapt to your dog's individual needs.

Durable quality: Discover the robustness of our elevated dog bowls

Our feeding bowls made of powder-coated metal are characterized by their particularly durable quality. The combination of rust resistance, abrasion resistance, easy cleaning and stability makes the feeding bowls a high quality choice for dog owners. Powder-coated metal is usually rust-resistant, meaning the food bowls are not susceptible to rusting even when exposed to moisture or water. The powder coating creates a robust surface that is resistant to abrasion and scratches. Even with regular use and cleaning, the feeding bowls remain visually appealing and functional. The smooth surface of the powder-coated metal makes cleaning the food bowls easier. Dirt can often simply be wiped off without leaving any residue, making hygiene easier.

The perfect height: Practical tips for choosing raised dog bowls

Choosing the right height for elevated dog bowls is not only crucial for your four-legged friend's comfort, but can also contribute to long-term health and well-being. The optimal height of the dog bowls is approximately the height of your dog's shoulders. This promotes a natural and comfortable feeding posture. Especially for dogs with back problems or older dogs, an elevated feeding position is gentle and promotes better digestion. If you have a puppy, consider future growth. Choose a height-adjustable option that can grow as your dog grows. In any case, make sure that your dog does not have to lower or raise his head too much when eating or drinking to avoid tension. If you are unsure about the optimal height, consult your veterinarian. This can address your dog’s individual needs.


Practical and beautiful: tips for caring for and selecting raised dog bowls

Raised dog bowls made of powder-coated metal are not only practical, but also impress with their modern design. Here are some tips for caring for and choosing these special dog bowls:


  • Cleaning and care: Powder-coated metal is usually easy to care for. Clean the bowls regularly with a mild detergent and warm water. Avoid using abrasive sponges or cleaners that could cause scratches.
  • Non-slip base: Make sure the raised bowls have a non-slip base to ensure stability while eating or drinking. This is particularly important to avoid accidents and provide your dog with a pleasant experience.
  • Material Quality: Choose bowls made of high quality powder-coated metal to ensure durability. This material is typically rust-resistant and can withstand the rigors of everyday use.
  • Keep hygiene in mind: Check the bowls regularly for wear and damage. Make sure there are no sharp edges that could harm your dog.


Discover our exclusive designs of raised metal dog bowls

Our high qualityMIXI feeding stationMade of metal, it impresses with its simple, modern design that fits seamlessly into contemporary interiors. The frame of the feeding station is raised, which allows for healthier and more comfortable feeding for dogs. Raising the food bowls reduces strain on the neck, neck and back, particularly beneficial for older dogs or those with joint problems. TheMIKA feeding stationis available in different heights to meet your dog's individual needs. In addition to keeping food healthy, the elevated position helps minimize spills, makes cleaning easier and reduces the buildup of bugs and bacteria. Our elevated dog bowls combine comfort and style as a long-lasting addition to your home.