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Coffee tables made of black metal – that’s how elegant the metal furniture from Metallbude is

Black metal coffee tables are trendy because they are timeless and robust. The possibilities of these coffee tables with a slight industrial charm are diverse: They come with simple, minimalist table frames, round with artistic, delicate metal frames, in combination with wood or glass or in other variations.

AtMetal shackYou can order your coffee table made of black metal directly or customize it according to your ideas. Since we produce the furniture in Germany and Europe, we can also easily implement special requests.

Coffee tables made of metal are so diverse

Metal coffee tables are available in a variety of designs and can be combined well with other furnishing styles. Even if your living room predominantly features warm colors, soft cushions and wooden furniture, the black metal coffee table fits. It creates an interesting contrast and can be used as a practical storage space.

These are common types of metal coffee tables:

Round metal coffee tables:

In addition to the square variantsround coffee tablesmade of metal, very common in German living rooms. These coffee tables can be made entirely of metal or a combination of a metal frame and a table top made of another material.

Square coffee table made entirely of metal:

Rectangular or square? These common shapes for the coffee table are practical. A rectangular or square metal coffee table can also be used as aSide table in black Can be placed next to the sofa and give the living room more space.

Combination of square, black metal frame and other materials:

Filigree metal frames with angular, artistic designs are both decoration and piece of furniture. If the metal frame is combined with a table top made of another material, this metal coffee table becomes an eye-catcher in the living room. The classic is of course a coffee table made of wood and metal, but stone and glass are also conceivable materials for the table top.

Metal or metal and wood coffee table set:

If you like to be flexible, you should not choose a single coffee table, but rather a table set made up of several tables that can ideally be pushed into one another. This means you have more storage space if you need it and can quickly reduce it again by simply pushing it together.

Black coffee table from Metallbude – straight lines, minimalist designs

In our online shop we not only carry black coffee tables, but also white coffee tableswith metal or wooden top in linear, minimalist and modern designs. Our products are characterized by high quality and a simple, elegant design. This simple look allows for many possible combinations with almost any furnishing style - from industrial style to modern, classic furnishings to popular onesJapandilookand vintage furniture. This always creates an ensemble tailored to your individual taste.

Metal coffee table with special requests? With pleasure!

Are you looking for a black metal coffee table in the perfect size? Metallbude is the right place for you. Since our furniture is manufactured in Germany and Europe - and we also design it ourselves - changes are possible without any problems. If you need a metal coffee table in a certain size or height or would like the metal in a different color, it is best to contact us directly.

Of course, you can also try your hand at designing beautiful metal furniture yourself using our online furniture planner. But if you need support, we are happy to be there for you. Once you have found the perfect piece of furniture in industrial design, you can simply order it in our online shop.