Metal Coffee Table Set

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Efficient and stylish eye-catcher in the living room – your metal coffee table set

A coffee table is not enough for you? Stage your living room with a metal coffee table set and create even more storage space for decorations, glasses or the remote control. The center of your home will most likely be the living room. Here you make yourself comfortable and welcome guests. Either way, a coffee table with enough storage space is extremely important. But what do you do when you don't need that much storage space? Coffee table sets fromMetal shackare the perfect solution because they can be pushed into each other and thus save space. You can now find out what other advantages they offer, which versions you can choose from and how to properly stage your set.

Advantages of metal coffee table sets

Metal coffee table sets are one thing above all: practical! Here are the most important reasons why one belongs in your living room:

  • You have everything within reach because apart from the main coffee table, you can place the other coffee tables next to or even behind the sofa.
  • Multiple coffee tables mean more storage space. In addition to the remote control and snacks, you still have enough space for decorations.
  • The tables not only offer space for decoration, but can also become decoration themselves, for example if you arrange them artfully or abstractly. Their delicate design means they match other materials such as wood or glass.
  • If there is less space, you can push the nesting tables into one another to provide more space in the living room. This is particularly practical when guests come to visit.
  • Nesting tables made of metal can be combined in many different ways. On the one hand, they represent futuristic design with clear shapes and minimalist influences, but they also fit inIndustrial style living roomor impresses in romantic styles, such as the Scandi look.
  • Metal nesting tables are stable, easy to clean and durable. They can be easily wiped clean with a damp cloth and tolerate glasses being placed without coasters.
  • Modern coffee table sets can be used not only in the living room, in the bathroom, in the dining area or in the hallway they serve as useful everyday helpers and as a surface for decoration.


Your metal coffee table set in different designs

Coffee table sets can differ in colors, shapes and sizes, but they always fit together stylistically. They consist of two, three, four or even more tables of different sizes. Some sets can be stacked and pushed into one another, others are equipped with integrated trays. Some placemats offer integrated organization systems, additional shelves and drawers or storage space for storing blankets and pillows. Metal coffee table sets are available in a high-gloss look or matt brushed finish and in an open or more compact design. When it comes to the shape, there are no limits to your imagination. Whether round, square, rectangular, oval or in abstract shapes,Coffee tables in white, black or even bright colors are always an eye-catcher. You have many options when choosing the material. For example, decide between glass, wood, metal and plastic or mix certain materials. The TRE SEMNIA table set from Metallbude, for example, consists of a minimalist steel frame and a solid oak wood top. This is how you combine the rustic with the minimalist style. If a mix of materials is not your thing, choose the TRE SEMNIA X table set, which is made of pure steel, fits minimalistically into almost any living room and is available in different colors.

This is how you showcase your metal coffee table set

They suit almost every style. Is yourBlack and white interiorstyle or industrial style, we recommend nesting tables in black. This stands out and the smaller oneblack side tableYou can also use it in other rooms besides the living room. A coffee table set in white goes well with minimalist, elegant and cozy interior design styles such as Nordic styles and Japandi style. They leave enough space for further decoration and don't push themselves too much into the foreground. Carpets and furs provide a beautiful surface and highlight the table. Decorations such as bowls, vases and coffee table books complete the overall picture. Flat tables look modern in combination with a sofa with a flat seat and create a lounge character. In any case, pay attention to freedom of movement; your metal coffee table set must not be placed too close to the sofa. Half a meter of space between the couch and the table is perfect. Tip: Always adapt your set to the size of your living room. So the following applies:

  • Small living room = small coffee table set
  • Large living room = large coffee table set

Buy your metal coffee table set at Metallbude

Whether 2-piece, 3-piece or 4-piece, your metal coffee table set offers you enough space and can be integrated into your home in a variety of ways. It provides a lot of comfort and functionality in your everyday life. In addition to the highlight for your living room, get exclusive benefits at Metallbude.

  • Custom-made products from Metallbude are Made in Germany and handmade.
  • Modern and minimalist furniture fits harmoniously into different interior styles.

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