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Configure your office wall yourself


Modern office walls in public offices, modern agencies and your own home office shape the working environment and reflect the constantly changing world of work. Flexibility is the priority, which is why configurable and changeable office walls are particularly popular. In public offices, the focus is on flexible and space-saving cabinet solutions in order to make optimal use of limited space. In modern agencies, office wall units are not only used for practical storage, but also as a design element that reflects the corporate culture. In the home office, multifunctional wall units enable efficient organization of work materials and promote a tidy working atmosphere. The integration of design and functionality makes modern office walls an important element in the contemporary working world that takes individuality and efficiency into account in equal measure.

Individual office furniture for your office

Individual office furniture for your office creates a work environment that meets your personal needs and style preferences. Modular closets and other storage solutions offer not only convenience but also unique aesthetics. The selection of materials, colors and structure makes it possible to design the office according to your own ideas and create an inspiring working atmosphere. Functional elements contribute to the efficient use of space. Individual office furniture is not only an expression of personality, but also promotes productivity and well-being in the workplace by creating a harmonious combination of design and functionality.

High-quality & modern office cabinets

Experience the freedom of individual design with our tailor-made office wall –VARIA, our flexible cabinet system, makes it possible. Use our user-friendly3D configuratoron the website to plan your office wall according to your own ideas. Adjust elements such as size, layout and functions and choose from a variety of design options to perfectly integrate the office wall into your room. With a palette of fronts and colors you can express your personal style. Additional features create a pleasant atmosphere and set accents. Our custom-made office walls combine modern, minimalist design with the highest aesthetic standards - try it out for yourself!

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Metal office wall: a real designer piece

A metal office wall unit embodies a true designer piece that combines elegance and functionality. With its appealing aesthetics, the metal design not only brings a modern touch to the room, but also promises longevity and robustness. The versatility of metal allows it to create unique shapes and structures that fit seamlessly into different office environments. The industrial flair of the metal gives the office wall a contemporary and innovative look. It also offers optimal storage space solutions and the possibility of integrating intelligent organization and technology features. The combination of metal and design makes this office wall unit an outstanding element that is both visually impressive and practical.

Office wall offers plenty of storage space

The office wall unit impresses with its generous storage space design and is therefore an ideal solution for the efficient organization of work materials. With a well-thought-out layout and intelligent storage solutions, it offers enough space for files, folders, office supplies and personal items. The different compartments and drawers allow various items to be stored in an orderly and easily accessible manner, which optimizes work processes. The office wall unit presents itself as a multifunctional piece of furniture that not only supports storage but also the aesthetic design of the office. Thanks to this combination of functionality and design, the office wall unit creates a tidy working environment and promotes efficiency in the workplace.

Put together a modern office wall yourself


Discover the diversity ofVARIAand our 3D configurator, which makes it possible to design an individual office wall unit. A metal office wall is a contemporary and stylish addition to any office space. Thanks to its robust metal body, it not only offers functional storage space, but also sets aesthetic accents. The metal gives the sideboard either an industrial or contemporary touch, depending on the design chosen. The powder-coated surface is easy to clean and easy to care for. With various drawers, compartments and doors, the metal wall unit creates enough space for the orderly storage of your work utensils.