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SOLI X - Beistelltisch mit Tischplatte aus Blech | Metallbude

Side tables in white – the furnishing all-rounder for every room

Small but nice – this especially applies to side tables in white. Admittedly, they offer less space than coffee tables, but they are suitable for almost all rooms and projects. Whether simply beautifully decorated, as a place to store your favorite items or optionally as a place to eat. A white side table offers you these and many other options. AtMetal shackYou will find out more good reasons for the everyday hero, what different versions there are and how you can use them in different rooms.

Why is a white metal side table suitable for you?

White metal side tables can be used in any room simply because of their subtle color, appear friendly, simple and can be combined with many styles. The practical use of a white ordering table is very great. They are perfect as a storage space for snacks, drinks, books or the remote control. Playing with accents and colors doesn't bother the table either, because it looks harmonious in combination with many colors and goes very well with other more unusual pieces of furniture. White side tables are true decorative wonders because almost all decorative ideas can be realized on them. Whether it's unusual vases, picture frames, sculptures or coffee table books, everything can be arranged on it as you wish. Thanks to its simple color, the table gives the decoration enough space to make an impact and can be redesigned often and in a variety of ways. It can also become a decorative element itself thanks to its minimalist design. The color white makes the surroundings appear a little larger and is therefore the perfect choice, especially in small rooms.


Which versions can you choose between for white side tables?

In addition to the different materials, such as metal, glass, wood or plastic, you can also choose between different shapes and construction methods for your white side table. For example, opt for an open and decorative design with shelves or compartments like the SOLI X model from Metallbude. A closed design with doors or built-in drawers ensures a tidy appearance and offers storage space. From square, triangular and rectangular to oval and round, to completely organic or abstract shapes, you can choose freely - white side tables are available in almost all shapes. ACoffee table in whiteMade of solid metal, like the VESINA X from Metallbude offers a little more space and complements your living room with minimalist aesthetics. Side tables made of several materials, such as aSide table made of metal and woodin combination is a good alternative if you want the atmosphere to appear warm but still clean. Table sets are currently very trendy; they consist of tables of different sizes and offer more storage space because there are several tables. If you like it classic, choose angular shapes. Round and organic shapes are eye-catchers and stand out.

White metal side tables look particularly good in this room

Side tables are not out of place in any room. They integrate perfectly into any room:

  • Metal living room furniture:Especially in small living rooms, the side table can be used as a coffee table. In larger living rooms, for example, it can be used as an additional serving table with snacks and a water carafe next to the couch. It loosens up the room and creates a harmonious picture in living rooms with different styles. Tip: OnIndustrial style living roomcan be perfectly handled by oneSide table in blackmade of metal.
  • Bedroom:In the bedroom, side tables in white can replace classic bedside tables. They offer enough space for a bedside lamp, your favorite book and your alarm clock as well as your cell phone.
  • Metal bathroom furniture:A white side table looks good in the bathroom as a place to store your cosmetics and beauty products. Houseplants that are placed on white side tables in the bathroom are also very beautiful and good for the room climate.
  • Hallway: Houseplants or flowers in a vase on white side tables against a contrasting background also look great in the hallway. For example, choose wallpaper or furnishings in black and white. A white side table is the ultimate solution as a practical place to store your phone, your keys or other things that need to be within reach when you leave the house.

Buy white side tables at Metallbude

White side tables are an absolute must in every home. As versatile as they are in any room, they can be decorated in so many different ways. So there is no reason to think twice about it. If you choose your minimalist table from Metallbude, you will benefit from further advantages:

  • The modern and minimalist furniture from Metallbude harmonizes with various interior design styles.
  • Would you like a custom-made product from Metallbude? These are Made in Germany and handmade.

Buy your white side table from Metallbude now!