Metal Baby Cradle

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Minimalist and modern baby cradle

Healthy sleep is particularly important for newborns. We have the perfect solution for this: onemodern baby cradlemade of metal. Of course, it's not as uncomfortable as it initially sounds. On the contrary! The baby cradle is equipped with a basket and a mattress and gives your baby the feeling of being safe and secure. You can find out why you shouldn't do without a metal baby cradle, which version suits you best, what you should pay attention to and how you can integrate it into your styleMetal shack.

 Baby cradle without assembly - TÜV tested

  • Baby cradles give your sweetheart a feeling of security thanks to their compact and cuddly shape.
  • The rocking movements of the baby cradle provide security and remind the newborn of the movements from the womb.
  • The rocking motion of the baby cradle trains your child's sense of orientation and balance.
  • A metal baby cradle can be flexibly relocated in the room and throughout the apartment.
  • Newborns sleep on average 20 hours a day. The baby cradle provides a mobile and safe place to sleep, no matter where your little one wants to sleep. This means you can continue to do your (household) work and still always have everything in view.

High-quality metal baby cradle with Moses basket

Hanging cradle:
A hanging cradle is attached either to the ceiling or to an extra frame, which can sometimes even imitate rocking movements.

Baby cradle:
Baby cradles are suitable for infants and babies up to six months. They can be placed in any room in the house and do not replace the baby bed - at least not completely. They have rounded runners, which means the metal baby cradle can be rocked gently. This way, your little one can fall asleep better and you can always keep an eye on them.

A bassinet has wheels and can be moved flexibly around the apartment. Like a baby cradle, it is only recommended for babies up to six months old. Unlike a baby cradle, a bassinet does not rock, but the sliding motion of the stroller can help the baby fall asleep well. Both a bassinet and a baby cradle consist of the following components: base frame, basket, mattress and, if necessary, canopy.

Extra beds:
Although cots are not actually baby cradles, they should still be briefly mentioned here. They have a lying area that is open to the side and are usually placed next to the parents' bed during the night.

 This is what you should pay attention to when it comes to metal baby cradles

  • Stability:The right material ensures stability. Metal baby cradles are robust and cannot be easily tipped over by crawling children or animals.
  • Quality:When painting the metal baby cradle, make sure that it has been painted without harmful substances. The baby cradle should also have the usual seals of approval from GS and TÜV. The mattress should also have the usual certifications and be well ventilated before use.
  • Security:Most importantly, the cradle has no sharp edges, splinters or other sharp objects that could hurt your little one. Use a nest so that your little one doesn't even come into contact with the bars of the crib. To avoid tipping over or other hazards, do not rock your metal baby bassinet too much.

 Baby cradle for your modern living room

  • Scandi style:Scandi style is a soft style characterized by light colors. Onewhite baby cradlemade of metal fits this perfectly. Combine these with cute bed linen in white or beige and cozy pillows as well as your sweetheart's favorite cuddly toy.
  • Industrial style:The industrial style is characterized by darker colors and materials such as metal, leather and wood. Bricks and an open loft atmosphere also work very well. For example, integrate a metal baby cradle with a black frame.
  • Minimalism:A modern baby cradle stylishly complements the baby's room and offers a unique sleeping place for your baby. The KORSINA model from Metallbude offers you stability combined with minimalist design.

 Metal baby cradles in black, white and beige

A metal baby cradle not only offers your baby a safe and quiet place to sleep, but is also a design highlight in your homehaveyou and your little one will enjoy it. Choose a metal baby cradle from Metallbude and benefit from further advantages:

  • all custom-made products from Metallbude are made in Germany and handmade,
  • modern and minimalist furniture harmonize with different furnishing styles,

Buy your metal baby cradle from Metallbude now!